Thomas BURDEN c/o Photoby&Co

Additional Info // about Thomas BURDEN

Thomas Burden is a 3D illustrator with distinctive style that he describes as 60’s and 70’s National Geographic meets 80’s and 90’s toy section of the Argos catalogue. Despite whether those references mean anything to you or not, it’s clearly a portfolio with a unique feeling of nostalgia and a wonderful sense of playful quirkiness.
His images feel at once fresh and intriguing, as well as familiar and personal.  His influences range from “all the toys he was never allowed as a child” to fairgrounds, neon signage, and the many trinkets he’s picked up during his travels.
He’s been commissioned by a wide range of clients including American Express, Bloomingdale’s, Ford, Greenpeace, McDonald’s, Nike, Norwegian Airlines, and UPS.  Thomas (and his cat Cortez) are based in Chichester, England.