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news | GoSee Tip : The Play Studios in Hamburg invite to 'Friday Rewind' on 29 March and present a pop-up exhibition on Bettina Lewin's photographic homage to astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel

Time for Friday Rewind! This time, the legendary pop-up exhibition 'Friday Rewind' is not only about photography but also about astronomy and fashion:

For THE OBSERVATORY, Hamburg-based photographer Bettina Lewin c/o NERGER M&O took her team to the Bergedorf Observatory. 'Because fashion photography,' as Lewin sees it, 'should also tell stories of people, of passion and hard work, of big and small discoveries'. Coming to life in the historical walls was the work of astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel (1750-1848). Only today is Herschel's research truly appreciated – she discovered 14 nebulas and countless deep-sky objects, just to name a few. Bettina Lewin's poetic images pay tribute to the beauty and accuracy of her mindset.

Creative Director of the photo series was Regine Berndt from Leagas Delaney Hamburg, the locations were scouted by Angelika Bäuml, styling of Persina Tesic's c/o M4 Models was taken care of by Jürgen Claussen with jewelry from Wempe. Production was in...

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