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PRINZ PRODUCTIONS produces the SABIC ‘CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS’ campaign in South Africa with photographer Joey Lawrence and McCANN Enterprise, London

PRINZ PRODUCTIONS presents the campaign entitled ‘Chemistry that Matters’ here on GoSee, produced for SABIC on the topics of urbanization, food, sustainability & energy efficiency. The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation is a Saudi-Arabian chemistry and metal company and is among the leading metal manufacturers in the Middle East.

The motifs were photographed by Joey Lawrence, Creative Director was Paula Amaral, and Art Director was David Boynes from McCANN Enterprise in London. Production was in the hands of Julie Hughes and Patricia McMahon.
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Prinz Productions: is raffling off wine from the Miles Mossop winery at UPDATE-19-BERLIN ... and presents you several throwback motifs from the 2016 STIHL calendar, photographed by Esther Haase

Meet Sebastian and Bianca from PRINZ PRODUCTIONS for the first time at UPDATE. At their XXL booth, they will gladly answer all of your questions concerning topics all about production in South Africa, Africa or even Portugal, where they have meanwhile successfully set up their second production base.

But the fun doesn’t stop there: they are also raffling off delicious, and literally, award-winning wine from South African winery Miles Mossop right at their booth. GoSee:

The motifs presented here were photographed by Esther Haase for the STIHL 2016 Calendar. Production by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.
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Stephen Pennells photographed for HUIT DENIM in Lisbon, Portugal - produced by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS

“We make the best jeans, not the most jeans we can. And we only make jeans. We say no to anything else. No distractions. No compromises. No bobble caps. Only jeans. Be narrow. Be good. Do One Thing Well. It’s enough.”

Stephen Pennells photographed for Welsh denim brand HUIT DENIM, which can boast Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle among its clients, in Lisbon, Portugal. Production took place on location by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS. GoSee:

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