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NEWS // 22.04.2020 // Julia Marie Werner photographs the ANIMONDA PETCARE campaign for Fluent AG – produced by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS
// ANIMONDA PETCARE GmbH, founded in 1991, is aimed at pet owners for whom the well-being and quality of life of their pets are particularly important – and therefore set high standards not only when it comes to their own nutrition but also for that of their four-legged friends. Meanwhile, dog and cat owners as well as professional breeders in more than 35 countries rely on animonda pet food.All products are produced according to the latest scientific research for healthy and appropriate anim…
NEWS // 04.09.2019 // ACTIVE by LASCANA Summer 2019 photographed by GARY ENGEL c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS
// GARY ENGEL c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS shot the new collection from ACTIVE by LASCANA Summer 2019. Art direction was in the hands of Beatrix Meyer with hair & make-up by Giovanni Rivas c/o CLOSE UP and styling by Michele Junker.
NEWS // 19.08.2019 // Union Invest campaign, photographed by Jens IHNKEN c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT in Cape Town
// Jens IHNKEN c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT photographed the UNION INVEST savings plan campaign in Cape Town in cooperation with the agency Crossland and CD Oliver Hoennicke. Responsible for production was PRINZ PRODUCTIONS with Crossmedia Connection on post production.
NEWS // 18.06.2019 // Lifestyle image pool for POST FINANCE and Y&R Wunderman Zurich by Mat NEIDHARDT c/o EMEIS DEUBEL
// Lifestyle photographer Mat NEIDHARDT c/o EMEIS DEUBEL was commissioned by Y&R Wunderman Zurich to realize a new image pool for the client POST FINANCE. 'The images recently released were retouched by Simon Koelbl in Berlin. Styling came from Philipp Junker & Kim Dung Nguyen from Style Council with hair & make-up by Anne Krarup & Katerina Carambellas. Mat was supported by DOP Lucas Aurel, and production was taken care of in Zurich by All In along with Mojo & Prinz Productions …
NEWS // 12.09.2017 // Model Melissa van Geit in the LASCANA lingerie campaign, photographed by CHRISTIAN MAI in Cape Town
// The new collection from LASCANA lingerie just appeared and was photographed by CHRISTIAN MAI with model Melissa van Geit in Cape Town. Styling: Mads Rønneborg c/o LOUISA ARTISTS, hair & make-up: Gaye HIETTE c/o BIGOUDI, and art direction was in the hands of Eva Zehner. Responsible for smooth production was GoSee member PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.
NEWS // 10.07.2016 // Di Bella – Lingerie shoot with hair & make-up expert Giovanni RIVAS c/o CLOSE UP
// Seductive lingerie shoot with sexy model Olga Estupian for DI BELLA. Hair & make-up were done by Giovanni RIVAS c/o CLOSE UP (photos: Gary Engel, art direction: Claudia Felsser).
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