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PROFASHIONAL produces an image film in Dandy look for MR.ERBIL, the trendsetting Gentlemen's Club with Iraqi-Kurdish roots

With made-to-measure suits and long beards is how the men of the Iraqi-Kurdish Men's Club MR. ERBIL* look into the camera. The image film was shot by Berlin-based production company PROFASHIONAL in the sanatorium on Lake Grabow, a former clinic just a few kilometers north of the Berlin city limits, neatly tucked away in the middle of the forest. The brief portrait of the Gentlemen's Club, founded in 2016, shows the men in all their facets. Dynamic camera movements and fast cuts put Mr. Erbil's classic elements and fabrics front and center.

But the three founders Ahmed, Omer and Goran stand for more than just a fashion brand – with over 90 thousand followers on Instagram, they are for women's rights in their home country. The image film shows the portrait of a new dandy culture paired with a sense of mission, for which MR. ERBIL stands. With their commitment, they want to bring fashion, elegance and style back to their hometown.

Mr. Erbil was shaped by the modern, cosmopolitan culture of the Kurdistan capital of the same name. The members of the Gentlemen's Club, which was founded in 2016, come from completely different parts of society. Originally inspired by "Pitti Uomo", a fashion event in Florence, bankers, students, mechanics and hairdressers show that the Iraqi region has more to offer than just war and doom. The club is meanwhile known around the world and presents a multifaceted portrait of the very handsome dandy culture in Iraq.

*Erbil is both the capital and the seat of the government of the autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq. Plus, Erbil is the capital of the eponymous province Erbil as well as the economic and trade center of Kurdistan. The Citadel of Erbil is considered the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the world. In June 2014, it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.
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s.Oliver RED LABEL, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL and Q/S designed by campaigns, social media and image films produced by PROFASHIONAL GmbH as well as topmodel Karolina Kurkova once again in the S.OLIVER Black Label campaign

With the Spring 2018 campaign, Berlin-based agency PROFASHIONAL is responsible for the productions of the brands s.Oliver RED LABEL, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL and Q/S designed by. In more than four weeks, campaign motifs, social media and e-shop content and image films were realized in Lisbon.

This Spring season, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL presents sophisticated contemporary styles for all fashion fans. Supermodel Karolina Kurkova is once again the face of the s.Oliver BLACK LABEL campaign, presenting not only her favorites but also a high-quality dress collection with mini-me looks for all young trendsetters. That makes the whole family an eye-catcher. The looks were staged in a stylish setting with a family-like ambience. Luke van Geffen shows how smart casual wear and business fashion can be combined successfully in the new, individual styles of BLACK LABEL Men.
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'Mysterious Women' by MARC CAIN with Choreologist and Ballet Master Georgette Tsinguirides - start of the video series, produced by PROFASHIONAL

PROFASHIONAL teamed up with MARC CAIN to develop an exciting series: Mysterious Women by MARC CAIN. The video series presents exceptional and inspiring women for its new fragrance 'Mysteriously'.

It kicks off with Choreologist and Ballet Master Georgette Tsinguirides, who grants insights into her mindset towards dance and life. She guides mainly with film footage through her time with ballet god John Cranko from the 60s and 70s. Georgette Tsinguirides contributed significantly to making Cranko's work unforgettable even for future young talents.

"Giving interesting women who have achieved great things with their personality and outstanding achievements a platform is something very special for us.” says Rebecca Rupcic, Managing & Creative Director of PROFASHIONAL.

"The video was filmed in Stuttgart and at her home. We were greeted by a very hospitable and open-minded Georgette Tsinguirides. Created during the shoot was an emotional and touching short video in black & white look. The video accompanied by classical music grants insights into the world of the Choreologist and Ballet Master. Footage of her close collaboration with John Cranko in the '60s and' 70s are blended in. Georgette Tsinguirides radiates alone through her presence and does not seek the limelight. Her oeuvre is a milestone, and we hope "We have been able to depict her impressive life story in this short video," the team from MARC CAIN tells us.
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