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Ralf Gellert photographs a portrait campaign for the client ALMASED and the agency FREIGEISTER

Portrait specialist Ralf Gellert teamed up with creative duo Jens Böckmann and Simone Wust c/o FREIGEISTER to photograph a portrait campaign for the client "ALMASED" in Hamburg.
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Ralf Gellert presents his photo project with people photos and atmospheric stills on GoSee with his series 'Wacken – Boys and Girls'

In early August, the biggest Heavy Metal Festival in the world took place in Wacken for the 29th year in a row. For four days, over 85,000 visitors from all over the world turned this quaint Schleswig-Holstein village of 1800 people into a tent camp spread across over 540,000 acres. And the 30th Wacken Open Air 2019 is already sold out...

"One element of my photographic inquiry into the phenomenon of Wacken Open Air, was to create intimate portraits of individual festivalgoers that were free from the usual clichés. I made my way there with my portable studio to just briefly transport these unique individuals out of their hot, dusty, ear-splitting heavy metal festival surroundings – and, in doing so, to give a face to the masses.

The second element of my photo project was to capture the bucolic state of the festival grounds within atmospheric stills. It was my intention to juxtapose the idyllic pastoral scene with the insanity of the four-day festival; this led to my spending time there before and after the event."

The complete project is available here
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Ralf Gellert photographs the latest employment campaign with portraits and cityscapes for STROMNETZ HAMBURG and the agency Brandforce1

After an elaborate employee casting, Ralf GELLERT photographed a employment campaign comprising eight motifs for the company STROMNETZ HAMBURG. The cityscapes also came Ralf Gellert, who was commissioned by Hamburg-based agency Brandforce1 under the creative team of Sven Klohk, Kay Eichner and Helge Zimmer. BrandForce1 supports companies in the creation and communication of their employment brand.

Over the course of three days, employees from STROMNETZ HAMBURG in a pop-up studio in the company's own factory halls. Responsible for styling was Julia Neubauer and for hair & make up Chio Schwarzer. Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH operates the power distribution network including the infrastructure for electro-mobility in Hamburg and in the metropolitan area. With Ralf Gellert, the chose a seasoned portrait specialist. We present the result here on GoSee.
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