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news | BVMed banks on body pride because “Every individual is unique” – DARIUS RAMAZANI photographs the BVMed campaign once again in 2020

Michael Krauser explores the world despite suffering from diabetes, Ingrid keeps her dystonia under control by means of deep brain stimulation, Erik copes with his immune deficiency with the help of Homecare Manager Enikoe … Berlin-based photographer and portrait specialist DARIUS RAMAZANI had the pleasure once again of photographing the BVMed campaign.

In its motif series ‘Body Pride’, BVMed shows patients who are successfully going about their lives even though they suffer from chronic disease. The campaign would like to promote compassion for the life situations of the afflicted and show the value medicinal products can have for a self-determined life: “With ‘Body Pride’, BVMed challenges a social taboo: Despite their widespread use and relevance for individual cases, several medicinal products are hidden out of shame. Their use in multiple areas is hardly mentioned in public. This is precisely what the new campaign would like to change: It demonstrates that there is no reason to...

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