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news | DARIUS RAMAZANI photographs Germany’s most famous former top manager Dr. Thomas Middelhoff for his book entitled ‘Guilty: From Failure to Getting back on Your Feet’

Top manager Dr. Thomas Middelhoff, who was convicted in 2014 for embezzlement, was photographed by DARIUS RAMAZANI for his book entitled ‘Guilty: From Failure to Getting back on Your Feet’. The book is about his crash, which was his salvation. We learn from the press release: “He walked into the courtroom confident of victory – and was immediately arrested after being convicted. 14 November, 2014, was the turning point in the top manager’s illustrious career. Thomas Middelhoff now strikes a different note.” His book ‘Guilty’ was published by adeo Publishing.

Dr. Thomas Middelhoff had everything anyone could dream of: wealth, influence, prestige, and an intact family. He has mingled among the world’s elites. His crash then took on an almost tragic dimension: He lost his reputation, his fortune, his health, and his marriage was destroyed. The bitter experience of failure across the board, however, became his greatest chance to question not only his lifestyle but also his guilt....

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