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'Because learning can be child's play.' - the latest CARITAS campaign calls for more support for digitization in social areas, photographed by Darius Ramazani

DARIUS RAMAZANI photographed the latest campaign for the German Caritas Association "social needs digital". The campaign, which was developed by glow communication, calls for more support for digitization in social areas. In social professions, the use of digital devices can facilitate work. This would, for example, improve geriatric care by making it more individualized. To a certain extent, digital devices also provide barrier-free access, giving people with disabilities more opportunities for interaction and inclusion in their social environments. Applied in kindergartens, digital tools can help children learn. The digital devices are also an important tool that helps caregivers to document better.

Four out of five Germans use the Internet as granted. They live in "hybrid social spaces" within which these analog and digital parts are interwoven and complement one another. Fact is: Neither of these two realities is fully fulfilled by its counterpart. However, twelve million citizens are offline, mostly the elderly or those with lower levels of education who feel overwhelmed by digital devices or data security issues. They cannot take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet for inclusion. Yet, in today's society, where digitization pervades all areas, digital inclusion is an essential prerequisite for social inclusion.

The Caritas 2019 campaign calls for helping to shape digital transformation and asks politicians to not focus on digitization processes in business and industry: Social needs digital! GoSee:
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Photographer Darius Ramazani : celebrated International Women's Day 2019 with German-Armenian boxing superstar Susi Kentikian; we have the making-of film and photos for you on GoSee

For his billboard and long-term project, photographer DARIUS RAMAZANI was in the ring with professional boxer Susi Kentikian. He photographed the boxing star for a project for International Women's Day 2019, in collaboration with Art Director Anna Weil. With 400 punches per minute, Susi Kentikian, German boxing athlete of Armenian heritage, is today's fastest female boxer in the world. One of her punched is faster than 200 milliseconds, too fast for the human eye, and usually too fast for her opponents. At the age of five, she left Armenia together with her family because of the war over Nagorno Karabakh and has lived in Hamburg since 1996. And only her professional contract over three years secured her and her family the right to permanent residence in 2005.

Susi on the shoot: "International Women's Day - For all the great women of the world. Love yourself... you are someone special in this world. Love you all 💕 Thank you for the awesome shoot Darius!"

Since 2010, she has been the patron for the initiative "Tree of Life for Armenia". The charitable foundation is aimed at creating permanent livelihood for up to 200 Armenian families by developing walnut plantations, supporting disabled children and promoting social institutions. As a prime example of Armenian and German partnership, “Tree of Life for Armenia” is not only aimed at helping those in need to help themselves but to give impetus for entrepreneurial engagement.
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'Everyone has a dog...' Diana Doko, founder of 'Freunde fürs Leben e.V.', on the campaign billboard on Stuttgarter Platz, portrayed by Darius RAMAZANI

"In Germany, more people die from suicide than from traffic accidents, drugs and AIDS together."

With the project '', photographer DARIUS RAMAZANI now supports the association FREUNDE FÜRS LEBEN e.V. (friends for life), a crisis center for people at risk of committing suicide and their relatives. To raise awareness for this sensitive issue – well over 10,000 people end their own lives in Germany voluntarily each year – Darius Ramazani portrayed the founder of the association and new recipient of the German Federal Cross of Merit, Diana Doko. And Darius was more than happy with leaving the stage to her – on his meanwhile well-known billboard at Stuttgarter Platz.

Since 2001, Diana Doko and her partner Gerald Schömbs have already been committing their work at their association “Freunde fürs Leben” to informing about suicide and depression. With the information portal, web TV channel and on social media, they are spreading life-saving knowledge about how to deal with the sensitive topic of suicide. Information about depression and suicide is extremely important because out of ignorance and fear of doing something wrong, relatives and friends often do nothing at all. GoSee:
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