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Image campaign for Berliner Stadtwerke utilities – photographed by DARIUS RAMAZANI

The photos of the latest image campaign for Berliner Stadtwerke show sustainable sources of energy favored by the company with motifs on display all over Berlin from the hand of Berlin-based photographer Darius Ramazani – who was quite happy to document some of the advertising spaces created.
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#BerlinHörtRot German Symphony Orchestra Berlin does a gig on Stuttgarter Platz - photographed by Darius Ramazani (agency: Preuss & Preuss)

Together with agency Preuss & Preuss Darius, Ramazani plastered a billboard with the campaign of the German Symphony Orchestra, transforming it into a kind of wind harp – on which the harp strings prance with every breeze. True to the hashtag #BerlinHörtRot, the gig at Stuttgarter Platz was accompanied by the harp sounds of musician Elise Bedleem. Idea and concept came from Preuss & Preuss.
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Darius Ramazani : photographs impressions from New York City for GEO SAISON and an interview in PHOTONEWS

The renowned magazine GEO SAISON published an article with DARIUS RAMAZANI's New York photos. "Big thanks go to Joussen Karliczek." Darius says here on GoSee.

The September issue of PHOTONEWS reported on Darius Ramazani, who speaks in an interview about the social topics of his time that excite him. In a nutshell: "Darius Ramazani loves it real and pure." He also talks about the poster wall he rents on Stuttgarter Platz, which he uses like a temporary exhibition. He looks for designers and agencies to jump start projects – the focus of which is on controversial and social topics. An ingenious idea about which we love to report on often.
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