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'Everyone has a dog...' Diana Doko, founder of 'Freunde fürs Leben e.V.', on the campaign billboard on Stuttgarter Platz, portrayed by Darius RAMAZANI

"In Germany, more people die from suicide than from traffic accidents, drugs and AIDS together."

With the project '', photographer DARIUS RAMAZANI now supports the association FREUNDE FÜRS LEBEN e.V. (friends for life), a crisis center for people at risk of committing suicide and their relatives. To raise awareness for this sensitive issue – well over 10,000 people end their own lives in Germany voluntarily each year – Darius Ramazani portrayed the founder of the association and new recipient of the German Federal Cross of Merit, Diana Doko. And Darius was more than happy with leaving the stage to her – on his meanwhile well-known billboard at Stuttgarter Platz.

Since 2001, Diana Doko and her partner Gerald Schömbs have already been committing their work at their association “Freunde fürs Leben” to informing about suicide and depression. With the information portal, web TV channel and on social media, they are spreading life-saving knowledge about how to deal with the sensitive topic of suicide. Information about depression and suicide is extremely important because out of ignorance and fear of doing something wrong, relatives and friends often do nothing at all. GoSee:
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'Can you imagine what your child is seeing on their smartphone?' A campaign by Darius Ramazani and glow communication for Innocence in Danger

Fotograf DARIUS RAMAZANI startete einmal mehr eine spannende Aktion auf »seiner« Großplakatfläche in Berlin. Die Agentur glow communication entwickelten für den Verein Innocence in Danger, der sich für Kinder und Jugendschutz einsetzt, ein besonderes Konzept. Artdirektor Anthony Cliff entwarf eine Illustration, die er zusammen mit Geschäftsführer Johannes Krempl auf der Großfläche des Fotografen Darius Ramazani umsetzte. Die schemenhaften Doodles zeigen was unseren Kindern heutzutage im Internet begegnen kann und stellen einen Appell an die Anbieter von digitalen Medien. Die Aktion wurde vom Team Ramazani als Stopmotionsequenz zur viralen Verbreitung im Netz festgehalten. und bei Gefahr im Verzug, sprich Du benötigst professionelle und kostenlose Beratung, bei der Du anonym bleiben kannst:
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#GOINCLUSIVE - make your products and your communication accessible to everyone! Photographer Darius Ramazani presents you on GoSee : Die Müllers

Created in collaboration with schweizergestaltung was the project "Die Müllers". A German family that stands for inclusion in our society. The hashtag #goinclusive is intended to motivate for more inclusion while encouraging to be more respectful in interpersonal dealings within our society. Photos and the 13-second spot are by DARIUS RAMAZANI. The initiative #goinclusive supports companies and institutions in creating barrier-free offers.

"Good design is made for everyone," says designer and co-initiator Ellen Schweizer. The initiative #goinclusive takes this message seriously and conveys it in inclusive projects for companies, museums, institutions and public authorities – from the first inclusive picture books for sighted and blind children to a tactual building map or an art painting as a 3-D relief, that invites the beholder to touch it.

At the end of 2018, a top-notch jury selected the #goinclusive initiative out of almost 1500 submitted entries as one of 100 outstanding projects in Germany for the annual slogan "Connect Worlds – Strengthen Solidarity". The initiative "Germany – Land of Ideas" and Deutsche Bank have been organizing the innovation competition together for 13 years. &
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