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The MANOLAYA 2018-19 campaign - art direction, photos and post production by Ramona Reuter / RaRe Imaging

Ramona Reuter/RaRe Imaging supported the MANOLAYA* 2018 campaign in many ways than one – Ramon Reuter was responsible not only for post production but also for art direction and photography. MANOLAYA offers functional clothing for practicing yoga daily – in a limited edition. We read on the website: "Particularly important to us is a clear, timeless design and a cut in which the alignment of the body remains visible and the freedom of movement is not restricted. We make clothes that don't slip onto your face during training. They never pinch or itch. Clothes that are also inline with your mindset, always aware of others and the environment. Our production partner in West Bengal, India, is a leading producer of fair clothing. The employees of the family business produce our products under fair conditions from certified organic cotton." Find out more under:

Manolaya is made up of the two Sanskrit words Manas, which means spirit, heart, thought or normal consciousness, and Laya, which translates to dissolving or merging. Manolaya is one goal of meditation: Normal consciousness is supposed to transcend while the mind becomes one with the divine.
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