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Ramona Reuter : photographs a photo reportage for Kammerspiele's "Wuss 3000" by the KAMMER QUEERS and portraits of Berlin-resident actress Mona Pirzad

The well-known, Munich-based post-producer RAMONA REUTER likes pick up the camera herself from time to time. Especially when there are nice events – like the perhaps unique and in every way fluid ensemble of the Munich KAMMER QUEERS.

We quote the KAMMERQUEERS : "KammerQueers acknowledges that theaters are really SHIT at putting anything but cis white straight male narratives on its stages, especially its big stages, and this is reflected also in their internal structures. The KammerQueers is a collective made up of people who identify as queer connected to the Kammerspiele. They aim to reclaim space and create networks for queer people working in theatre and performance as well as with queer people and artists living in Munich and beyond. Wuss started as a karaoke party with drag aesthetics, but tonight we try to redefine it as an explicitly queer space for artistic engagement."

WUSS is anarchic, queer, and somehow chaotic. An evening full of tenderness, fighting, karaoke, and performances. The KammerQueers, a collective of people who are associated with the Kammerspiele and identify themselves as queer, have created with WUSS 3000 a queer space on an artistic mission. In order to network with queer people in theatrical and performance contexts, they invite guests from Munich and beyond each time. RAMONA REUTER captured the event with her camera. If you want to perform yourself – please contact them here:; otherwise we recommend:

Plus on GoSee: Ramona Reuters portraits of Berlin-resident Mona Pirzad, German actress of Iranian heritage. GoSee:
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Ramona Reuter : supports post production for the campaign 'Celebrating 100 years : Seidensticker', the SEIDENSTICKER S/S 2019 campaign, plus a personal editorial

'Celebrating 100 years of Seidensticker' – aka Textilkontor Walter Seidensticker GmbH & Co. KG – a company based in Bielefeld and specialized in the production of men's shirts and women's blouses distributed worldwide. SEIDENSTICKER is considered the most famous shirt brand in Germany and is now celebrating its 100th anniversary. Seidensticker celebrates its company centenary authentically with people whose age corresponds to the that of the company. The campaign motifs show 100-year-olds clad in white classics with a black rose, the trademark of Seidensticker. GoSee extends its congratulations with photos by Karsten Thormaehlen, which were post-produced by RA/RE, aka RAMONA REUTER. The executive agency was Bel Epok with CD Tobias Mü

Ramona Reuter was also responsible for post production of the SEIDENSTICKER S/S 2019 campaign. Plus, GoSee brings you a personal editorial by Michael Munique – with post production support from RA/RE.
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