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news | featured by THE GRAFT : THE GRAFT’s Jasper CABLE-ALEXANDER shows unique directorial genius in his new music video 'Round the Clock' by Sorry

The Graft’s Director Jasper CABLE-ALEXANDER spins us into a lo-fi dreamworld in the music video 'Round the Clock' by Sorry. David Lynch meets Alice in Wonderland, ever thought that was a thing? Well, Jasper Cable-Alexander proves it is. His striking, spiraling, surrealist music video for upcoming London band, Sorry, follows a woman stuck in the motion of a broken clock. And yes, it’s as beautifully topsy-turvy as it sounds. Shot on 16mm in an all-too real London pub, the video perfectly hosts the band’s deadpan style and 90s electronic overtones.

Jasper Cable-Alexander: “The whole process really felt like re-creating a surreal daytime hallucination mixed with a heavy night out.”

The result is understated magic. The strange mix of characters are the kind that would only appear in your dreams. Complete with edits timed to the beat of the track, Jasper’s creativity is hypnotic to the final frame. So, if you’re ready to get lost in a quirky otherworld, tuned to hazy neo-rock...

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