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news | Help, the Plastic Monster is coming ! RANKIN’s Plastic Monster is the loathed star of the SURFRIDER FOUNDATION charity campaign in cooperation with PHIL ROPY Digital Philanthropy Cards

The digital SURFRIDER FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world’s oceans since 1984. The new PHIL ROPY Charity Card campaign motif was shot by renowned British photographer RANKIN, famous worldwide for his VIP portraits of Kate Moss, Madonna, David Bowie etc., and shows the Plastic Monster, who is a threat to us all – designed especially for the campaign by Rankin himself.

Rankin’s Plastic Monster for Surfrider Foundation rampages social media : As ocean pollution hits crisis levels, with our coastlines spilling over with plastic and marine life depleting rapidly, this emergency is now the number one priority for most environmental non-profit organizations. One of them is ​Surfrider Foundation​, which has been fighting to preserve oceans and coastlines since 1984 and now has more than 200 offices worldwide.

Teaming up with Surfrider Foundation to champion the cause, cultural provocateur ​RANKIN has gone in all guns...

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