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'Old-school aristocracy with a mischievous and unorthodox aesthetic...' - RANKIN photographs 'THE AGE OF SNOBWEAR' for THE FASHIONABLE LAMPOON MAG in coop with Creative Director Susanna Cucco

British Photographer and Director RANKIN photographed a 19-page fashion story for the latest issue of THE FASHIONABLE LAMPOON MAGAZINE with Creative Director Susanna Cucco from Milan.
"Rankin and Susanna Cucco collaborated on an idea to re-create the punk attitude in the high-class surroundings of the London White House. The shoot focuses on a group of London-based, modern day rebels with untraditional beauty and some effortlessly chic styling from Lola Chatterton. With unusual clothes, poses, and angles, this front cover shoot contrasts the setting of old school aristocracy with a mischievous and unorthodox aesthetic. It’s playful, it’s gloriously insolent, and it marks a new vibe for the contemporary London fashion scene," RANKIN's PR agency tells us about the spread which we present you here on GoSee.

In front of the camera stood: Alice Sofia @ Monster Agency (Cover star) Minnie Wastie @ The Fabricca George @ I Love Models Sam @ PRM (production: Kat Hackethal, Art Director: Susanna Cucco, TV Producer: Beth Montague, styling: Lola Chatterton, hair: Nick Irwin, make-up: Heidi North, manicure: Jess Thompson, casting: Marilena Borgna).
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'SELFIE HARM' - the portrait project by star photographer Rankin sheds light on the dangers of using apps for a perfect appearance

For his project 'SELFIE HARM', RANKIN photographed teenagers and let the participants retouch their own portrait photos. The task was to edit their own photo they same way they would post it on their social media channels. With 'Selfie Harm', the star photographer wants to raise awareness for the risks involved with using apps to manipulate appearance.

RANKIN on the project : “Social media has made everyone into their own brand. People are creating a two-dimensional version of themselves at the perfect angle, with the most flattering lighting, and with any apparent 'flaws' removed. This is a new, enhanced reality, a world in which teenagers (or even younger kids) can alter themselves digitally within seconds. Mix this readily available technology with the celebrities and influencers flaunting impossible shapes with impossible faces, and we’ve got a recipe for disaster. Children are mimicking their idols, making their eyes bigger, their nose smaller and their skin brighter, and all for social media likes. It’s just another reason why we are living in a world of FOMO, sadness, increased anxiety, and Snapchat dysmorphia. It’s time to acknowledge the damaging effects that social media has on people’s self-image.”

“Imagery, like anything else, can be healthy or harmful, addictive or nutritious. And now, more so than ever, this has become a massive issue with the huge cultural impact of social media. Every platform is full of hyper-retouched and highly addictive imagery, and it’s messing people up," says RANKIN.

(Thanks to: the incredible individuals that took part in the @Visual.Diet project; Jennifer, Felix, Alessandra, Maisie, Isaac, Seb, Beneditcte, Shereen, Mahalia, Eve, Siena, Tomas, Emma & Georgia. Also, @mimigray_ at @mcsaatchilondon, @marinetanguyart, @gemfletcher, @technicallyron & @justintindall for making this project come to life).
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There’s a new tribe on the block! – ROY ROGER'S relies for his latest denim campaign on star photographer RANKIN and his creative agency THE FULL SERVICE, London

ROY ROGER'S, an Italian fashion label and part of the SEVENBELL GROUP, was founded after WWII and is produced by the Florentine MANIFATTURE 7 BELL S.P.A., itself a pioneer in the production of blue jeans since 1952. ROY ROGER'S became known in the 70s – a time when it was considered a display of nonconformism to wear jeans with pride. The latest campaign featuring the 'coolest fashion tribe to hit 2019', was developed by THE FULL SERVICE and photographed by RANKIN. 

The Full Service let's us know: "The Italian denim brand is back with a fresh campaign, capturing the up-and-coming faces of fashion who know how to rock those blue jeans. The Full Service wanted to embody “the energy and attitude that encapsulates the brand”. So, with this in mind, the agency set it in the streets of London, nailing the urban cool aesthetic that sums up the Roy Roger’s ethos. Film, stills, stylish BTS content, and a series of characterful interviews all come together to create a rich and unique project for anyone with a penchant for denim. But if that’s not enough, grab yourself a printed T-shirt, or a canvas bag to really get into that gritty city look set to sweep 2019. So, this season if you’re going denim, go Roy Roger’s! That is, if you think you have what it takes to join the tribe."

You heard it: 2019 at ROY ROGER'S is all about the cool denim tribe, or as The Full Service puts it: "Step aside goths, punks and ravers… there’s a new tribe on the block!"

About – Roy Roger's is a historical brand of Italian fashion, mostly famous since the '70s, when wearing jeans became synonymous with anti-conformity and youth protest. The company was founded after the Second World War in Florence, Tuscany, where it still produces successfully to this day. Bacci Brothers triggered the production of workwear but cultivated the dream of using the denim fabric to create something innovative and different. A journey to North Carolina was decisive: from where they began to directly import the canvas denim jeans to produce practical trousers which quickly become a must have for youth... and beyond.

PRODUCER: Kat Hackethal

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Marco Antonio
MANICURIST: Nickie Rhodes Hill
STYLIST: Kim Howells


Lee Ann @ Wild
Joanna @ The Hive
Shanti @ Milk
Marina @ Anti
Dylan @ Models 1
Elliot @ Wilhelmina
Rory @ Elite

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