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'Soul of Motion' - RANKIN BRINGS THE ALL-NEW MAZDA 3 TO LIFE, WITH EMOTIONS - the campaign by the photographer and director once again here on GoSee

MAZDA booked star photographer RANKIN for the market launch campaign of its Madza3 model. The British photographer produced a series of six photos for the Japanese carmaker to engage the viewer emotionally. ‘I wanted to not only show the essence of the Mazda3 but also evoke the viewer's emotions. I wanted to make the images really sensual so I approached the shoot in a completely different way. I have used light and created motion through actual camera movements, not retouching, that literally bring the car to life for the viewer,’ so RANKIN.

'The all-new Mazda3 made its global debut in LA and is now being celebrated with a unique portfolio of images by Rankin, one of the most influential photographers of our generation. The London-based photographer has been at the forefront of commercial and editorial innovation since he co-founded the magazine Dazed & Confused in 1991, bringing a unique aesthetic to fashion shoots and portraiture. To celebrate the new Mazda3, Rankin brings his talents to unlock the emotion of the new car, as described by chief engineer Mitsui Hitomi, “We don’t design to a spec, we design to a feeling”. It is also a story of pure driving pleasure and a challenging portrayal of true automotive beauty, a car that is as beautiful in motion as it is at rest.

The brief was to capture the new Mazda3 and bring out the energy and feelings that the Takumi clay modeler at Mazda puts into the car when each model is crafted by hand. Mazda is the only car manufacturer that still creates its car from an original full-scale clay model. “Our design philosophy is called Kodo: Soul of Motion, with simple clarity of purpose,” says Jo Stenuit, Design Director Mazda Motor Europe. “Rankin has a wonderful way of capturing the car as art.” The end result captures the emotions of this important model, the first car in Mazda’s new generation of products. Each picture represents a significant emotion Rankin tried to capture within his work. “You can’t work with an artist and then constrain their art,” says Stenuit, “and this is about two brands coming together to create beautiful art.”
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'Get It Rolling' - music video & campaign for kids band The Flik Flak Minis by photographer and director RANKIN

British director and photographer RANKIN realized the video for THE FLIK FLAK MINIS for the launch of their first single 'Get It Rolling' for SWATCH (creatives: Felicity Hopkinson, Oliver Nowlan / The Rankin Group). Flik Flak is one of the most popular children's watches in the world. Since 1987, Flik Flak has manufactured Swiss watches for kids which are designed to teach them how to read the clock playfully.

'Look out Rolling Stones, there’s a new super-group in town! Meet The Flik Flak Minis, the new rock band that will be on everyone’s lips this summer. This week, the electric foursome celebrated the launch of the latest Flik Flak watches campaign with the release of their debut music video for the up-lifting, toe-tapping track ‘Get It Rolling.’ With Rivkah on bass, Rohan rocking the guitar, Jesse on drums and our effervescent front woman Maia, these guys are really – as Rivkah put it – “giving those old school rockers a run for their money.”

The band, which hails from London, was shot by Rankin at his studio, and the colorful video pays homage to some of the all-time greats – including a Who style, instrument-smashing finale. Maia explains that this highly-anticipated release comes at a time when the band are keen to show off their rock’n’roll credentials, ‘We wanted the video to evoke the fun of being in a band; jamming together, letting go and allowing yourself to get lost in the music.’ Jesse says that the video, which is being exclusively revealed by RANKIN, is the perfect way to introduce the band and its members, who all met at school. ‘We’ve been working on this for a while now,’ he explained, ‘But we think it’s finally time to release The Flik Flak Minis on the world. We’re confident you’ll never have seen a band quite like us.’ It’s high time you gave them a watch!
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From Romeo to Julia ... Rankin photographs for KING KONG magazine and the Performance Issue #7 on ballet perfectly in synch with high fashion

Unclassical ballet was the order of the day for the cover and inside editorial shoot by RANKIN for Performance issue 7 of KING KONG magazine. The cast styled by Kim Howells twisted and turned around the studio in a series of shots inspired by famous ballet roles – from Romeo and Juliet to Cinderella and Giselle. Blending high art and high fashion, the visually arresting shoot was informed by the choreography of ballet legend Matthew Bourne and the performance artistry of the mesmerizing Sylvia Palacios Whitman.
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