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blog | New Rankin film puts spotlight on children forced from their homes

Renowned photographer and director Rankin has joined forces with UNICEF to create a film to highlight the plight of children uprooted by war, poverty and disaster. The thought-provoking video urges people see past the refugee and migrant labels and value each child as a child, first and foremost, no matter where they’re from. The film, set to Bastille’s poignant track ‘Four Walls’, depicts refugee and migrant children watching footage of children in danger around the worl …

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news | #GetSnogging for international kissing day - London-based agency THE FULL SERVICE celebrates the day of the kiss with Director Ed Morris, MJ Delaney, AJ Smith, Elliott Wilcox, Kate Bones, Jenn Nkiru, Ozzie Pullin, Sing J Lee, Fenton Bailey, James Copeman, Kassandra Powell, Trevor Melvin, Sam Walker, Fern Berresford, Giles Lovell, Vicky Lawton & Rankin

 #GetSnogging is a film-based project by photographer Rankin and creative agency THE FULL SERVICE to celebrate International Kissing Day and spread a lot of love in these testing times (Hard Brexit. Hung Parliament. The President of the United States of America). They have called on some of the industry's most creative talent, and all of you, to snog, kiss, peck, smooch and slobber in the name of love. Here is Part 1,  the filmed compilation of pro moments, for you on GoSee, published …

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news | 'The Creative Circle Award* for Best New Female Commercials Director' goes to Vicky Lawton – read the GoSee Interview with the CD of HUNGER Mag, successful Director, and jury member of the GoSeeAWARDS17 in the category ART PROJECTS on GoSee

 If one were to describe London Director Vicky Lawton in a single sentence, it would most likely go like this: Vicky Lawton is a visual fanatic. In the somewhat longer version, you will learn that Vicky has worked for renowned photographer Rankin for nine years already, where she has supported shoots for brands and world-famous celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Rita Ora or Miley 'Darling' Cyrus as Art and Creative Director. In 2011, HUNGER** magazine was born with Vicky als CD. What the magaz …

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news | Introducing Jil Sander’s dynamic ‘View Bag’ – the film by Vicky LAWTON for HUNGER magazine, a QUEST with the Director for you on GoSee

For the introduction of Jil Sanders’ newest edition of the iconic ‘View Bag’, HUNGER magazine created a mysterious fashion film, which was accompanied by still motifs. The focus for the launch of the bag was on motion and precision. HUNGER Creative Director and Film Director Vicky LAWTON c/o RANKINFILMREPS took it as inspiration for her film ‘Point of View’: "The film is all about doing something abstract and flowing in motion," and explains: "It not …

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portfolio | Chanel Cruise Special Film for HUNGER Mag by Director Vicky LAWTON

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news | Mark 25 September in your calender with an extra-large sexy X. We are looking forward to seeing Rankin at UPDATE15 in Berlin and have teaser artwork in the form of photos and film plus an interview for you on GoSee

Rankin is one of the most sought-after image-makers of our time. In his photos, you sense a hunger for life and a direct access to the world beyond his lens. Equally in his films. We are very happy to welcome him and his lovely commercial film representative Pippa Bhatt c/o RANKINFILM at UPDATE15. They are both looking forward to the event – and we can’t wait to show you his artwork on the big screen at UPDATE15. We made use of the little time which is left to ask Rankin a few short …

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news | Meet rankinfilmreps at UPDATE 15 BERLIN. We have a first trailer on GoSee, and Rankin will be there in person on 25 September, 2015 as a guest at the GoSee Salon in Berlin

Update 15 is more than happy to welcome rankinfilmreps in Berlin. The iconic photographer and filmmaker Rankin will be at the event, and we will certainly take the opportunity to present our creative guests a selection of his absolutely must-see cinematic artwork on our big screen. We will, of course, also be showing films from the one-of-a-kind Director Vicky Lawton, his agency colleague. We have a first trailer as an appetizer for you here on GoSee and the complete feature on 25 September, 201 …

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news | Eat, Play, Cannes. The Cannes report by Pippa Bhatt for you exclusively on GoSee

This year it was GoSee London correspondent Pippa Bhatt's turn to fly to Cannes on assignment for GoSee. Pippa is probably best known for her agency Madam – and of course from rankinfilmreps. Working in the industry for an almost indecent time, she is quite a charmer, so we were sure she would bring home some nice lines – plus photos. We also have Pippa's Cannes résumé for you exclusively on GoSee. "It’s the week after Cannes Lions, and that can mean a n …

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blog | X - Coco de Mer Film by Rankin

Rankin has teamed up with Walter Campbell, the writer of “Under the Skin” starring Scarlet Johansson, on a film for Coco de Mer. The new campaign of the London-based lingerie label, titled “X,” shows a roller-coaster ride of images, from seemingly banal everyday moments to erotic flashes. Campbell created the concept and Rankin put together a flurry of directors and photographers, including himself, Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Damien Fry and Joe Hunt, Trisha Ward and Bron …

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