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blog | New Rankin film puts spotlight on children forced from their homes

Renowned photographer and director Rankin has joined forces with UNICEF to create a film to highlight the plight of children uprooted by war, poverty and disaster. The thought-provoking video urges people see past the refugee and migrant labels and value each child as a child, first and foremost, no matter where they’re from. The film, set to Bastille’s poignant track ‘Four Walls’, depicts refugee and migrant children watching footage of children in danger around the world. Many of the children who are featured in the film are themselves refugees who have fled the horrors of war and are now trying to rebuild their lives. The film aims to challenge refugee stereotypes and prejudices by giving children a platform to express the same hopes, fears and dreams as any other child.

Rankin said: “I love filming with kids - they are so expressive, they don't hold anything back. As a dad, I can relate to kids, but every now and then, while we were shooting this, it would hit me what...

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