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featured by RANKIN : 'Helping to make brands freshly relevant to a complex world...' – From Rankin the man to RANKIN the company, official one-stop-shop agency launch September 2019 plus Q&A with Richard Pinder, CEO RANKIN, for you on GoSee

In the ever-changing, ever-evolving era of creative industries comes the need for an agency to cut through the bull. Enter: RANKIN. Once known as simply one man, now an amalgamation of the independent operations Tonic Reps, The Full Service, Rankin Photography and Rankin Film; all tidied up in one neat creative package.

RANKIN is now a one-stop-shop, with one easy-to-remember name. Bringing together all the many creative facets of the acclaimed photographer and over 80 talented people buying into Rankin’s creative vision under the one umbrella means the agency sits in that unique spot of not being just a film or photography studio but also wearing hats in idea generation, editorial content, brand identity, talent management, and start-to-finish production.

Rankin himself is now joined by leading industry players Richard Pinder, ex Publicis Groupe and Crispin Porter, as CEO, and Christine Jones, ex Ogilvy & Mather and WPP, as Executive Creative Director. RANKIN, which officially launches this September, already has the names of Samsonite, Unilever and Rolls Royce on the wall – the latter for which it helped throw out the luxury car rule book with the help of Gwendoline Christie.

Rankin says: “I’ve always been excited by the new. So when the world started changing, I just grabbed it.”

“That’s what RANKIN is about – taking Rankin’s reputation as a cultural provocateur and providing that same creative agitation for brands that need to cut through all the media clutter,” Pinder explains.

“This goes beyond providing creative ideas. It’s about helping to make brands freshly relevant to a complex world that, frankly, needs to be impressed to pay any attention.” says Jones

Here is our Q&A with Richard Pinder, CEO RANKIN, for you on GoSee:

What kind of clients are you aiming to work with?

We want to work with the kinds of brands that already find us intriguing. Brands that want to stand out in culture. Brands that see the changing world as an opportunity to change their world, not be changed by it. And brands that think a new kind of creative company built around a cultural provocateur and visualizer like Rankin is exactly what they are looking for.

RANKIN is a global brand of its own. How do you want to use this?

Rankin the man is very well known. We aim to build RANKIN the company in his image, with his vision but with a large number of talented people delivering to that. We are already 80 people, and we expect to grow that pretty quickly. As we head into turbulent times, it’s a time of opportunity for brands. We think those who are open to new things will be intrigued by the Rankin they know morphing into the RANKIN they need.

What do you think is the difference between RANKIN and a classical ad agency?

Quite a lot of differences. We know that today’s consumers want to be told the truth. So we work with brands to uncover their truth and to see how that can be used to change the world for the better. We are unashamed and unapologetic in searching for that and telling the truth to brands. Then we have studios, directors, photographers, editorial staff, and filmmakers in the building and can very quickly bring the ideas we develop to life. In even the most forward-thinking ad agency, I’ve never seen that combination.

Bloggers, influencers, supermodels, athletes … are self-managed talent, and the new power-play within the industry, would you say, is liberating talent from the administration?

Everyone is looking at cutting out the middle men/women. Stories of going direct are everywhere. Why? Because the end purchaser (often clients) have been disappointed in some way by the status quo and are looking for ways to get a leg up. In a changing world, they are looking to change theirs. That’s why we think we have an offer that is relevant for them.

Do you think ad agencies have lost their bite/wit?

I think no one sets out each day to do a bad job. There are thousands and thousands of smart souls working hard in the ad industry for their clients and their employers. But the tricky bit is to create a situation where the best work can be done for the best reasons. That is much easier at the ‘cottage industry’ end of the scale than at the ‘mass production’ end. Wit is mandatory here. It’s not always welcomed there.

Rankin the man is known for working nonstop – how about you?

Yeah, well we both come from a similar work ethic upbringing which the millennial generation pity us for…but millennials have also taught us something which is that work and life are interchangeable and you can do both in the same hour. If you enjoy what you do and know how to enjoy yourself, it normally works out pretty well.

Any upcoming campaigns you can share with GoSee?

Loads! Lots of work being briefed in and being shot. And we will share with GoSee just as soon as we can :)

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'Every 7 Seconds, A Girl in the World is Cut' – the campaign against female genital mutilation with model and activist Waris Dirie, Photographer and Director Rankin and lingerie brand COCO DE MER on GoSee

Every seven seconds, a girl's clitoris is cut off. Without anesthetization. In most cases without medical aftercare treatment, and most importantly, without legal consequences. Each year, 3.5 million girls are victims of this insane practice. Not only in Africa but here as well. Rankin’s new commercial against the mutilation of women was commissioned by Coco de Mer and features model and activist Waris Dirie with her Desert Flower Charity.

'The aim of this film is also to collect 10 million signatures by the end of 2019 to finally eradicate FGM indefinitely. British lingerie brand Coco de Mer has always stood for true female empowerment and aims to support this in as many ways possible. Waris is also the model and the new face of Coco de Mer’s ICONS range launched on 11 March (S/S '19), and a percentage of all proceeds from sales of the Icons collection go to Waris’s charity.'

Manifesto : The term “icon” can be bandied about all too easily. But that’s exactly what Waris Dirie is. Born in Somalia in 1965, Waris was subjected to FGM aged 5 and fled the country aged 13 to escape an arranged marriage. She went on to maximize her position as a model and actress to speak about her personal experience and her commitment to ending FGM globally. She founded The Desert Flower Foundation in 2002 to do just that. The intention of the film this trio has made together is that it resonates globally with people and communities. Coco de Mer and the Desert Flower Foundation have a shared ambition, fighting for gender equality and to stop FGM.

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#GetSnogging for international kissing day - London-based agency THE FULL SERVICE celebrates the day of the kiss with Director Ed Morris, MJ Delaney, AJ Smith, Elliott Wilcox, Kate Bones, Jenn Nkiru, Ozzie Pullin, Sing J Lee, Fenton Bailey, James Copeman, Kassandra Powell, Trevor Melvin, Sam Walker, Fern Berresford, Giles Lovell, Vicky Lawton & Rankin

 #GetSnogging is a film-based project by photographer Rankin and creative agency THE FULL SERVICE to celebrate International Kissing Day and spread a lot of love in these testing times (Hard Brexit. Hung Parliament. The President of the United States of America). They have called on some of the industry's most creative talent, and all of you, to snog, kiss, peck, smooch and slobber in the name of love. Here is Part 1,  the filmed compilation of pro moments, for you on GoSee, published on time for 6 July, one of 365 official kissing days. And you'll get your chance on Valentine's Day 2018: “The Full Service are asking members of the public to submit their snogging clips to social media using the hashtag #GETSNOGGING. The best of these will then be edited into a second film to be released on Valentine’s Day 2018. It’s a chance to share a little love around...”

And here the official PR from creative agency THE FULL SERVICE for you on GoSee : “Pucker up! The Full Service is spreading a whole lot o’ love this 6th of July. It’s International Kissing Day, folks. And creative agency The Full Service are bringing everyone together for a good ol’ fashioned love in. #GETSNOGGING is a collaborative project between The Full Service, Rankin, some of the industry’s top directors, Lizzy Graham, editor of the Oscar winning short ‘The Phone Call’, and YOU. 2016 was a pretty tough year all round. And 2017 isn’t showing that many signs of holding up any better. Hard Brexit. Hung Parliament. The President of the United States of America. So, the agency decided to create a visceral and positively emotive response to today’s crippling news headlines. They called on some of the industry’s most creative talents, who conjured up video clips of snogs, kisses, pecks, smooches and slobbers. The agency and Rankin then worked with Lizzy Graham at Marshall Street Editors to bring it all together and create one uplifting film…a ‘Love Revolution’.

The result is a universal, democratic, best-of kisses, curated by The Full Service and shot by a host of globally acclaimed talent. But this is just the first stage. The Full Service are asking members of the public to submit their snogging clips to social media using the hashtag #GETSNOGGING. The best of these will then be edited into a second film to be released on Valentine’s Day 2018. It’s a chance to share a little love around."

Rankin: “The idea reminded me of a classic scene from the 1988 film Cinema Paradiso, probably my favorite film of all time. We wanted to do something compassionate and affectionate. Something that put smiles on people’s faces. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to get involved. We almost had Donald Trump and Theresa May on-board, but they only held hands”.

Lizzy Graham, Marshall Street Editors: “As soon as I heard about the project, I knew that I wanted to be involved. What appealed to me was how the project managed to pull together a huge roster of fantastic directors giving us so many variations on the simple ‘kiss’.”

Vicky Lawton, The Full Service: “This ensemble idea grew from Rankin’s archive of kisses. It was one of those truly collaborative things that happen at The Full Service; what starts as the gem of an idea in the office upstairs, is soon being shot in the studio downstairs. This extended beyond that, bringing in some of our favorite talent to work with us on it”.

Maruska Mason, Managing Director of the Full Service: “What’s great about #GETSNOGGING is that it started as a concept that we all just believed in, and it instantly flourished from there. It’s exactly why we are different from other agencies – we are all about turning powerful ideas into reality and keeping the quality of the work at the center point. We’re also all about collaboration and bringing together best creative talent... and the proof is in the pudding.”

#GETSNOGGING is an ongoing collaborative process and the lineup of the talent involved is subject to change. The film can be viewed online on International Kissing Day, 6th July 2017, featuring work from: Ed Morris (RATTLING STICK) MJ Delaney (MERMAN) AJ Smith (1STAVEMACHINE) Elliott Wilcox, Kate Bones (TONIC REPSRESENTS) Jenn Nkiru (ICONOCLAST) Ozzie Pullin, Sing J Lee (PARTIZAN) Fenton Bailey, James Copeman, Kassandra Powell, Trevor Melvin (FREELANCE) Sam Walker (RIFF RAFF) Fern Berresford (FAT LEMON) Giles Lovell-Wilson, Vicky Lawton, Rankin (RANKIN FILM).
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