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news | Nina Rautenberg: Recipe development and photo production 'The Grillbook' for Ankerkraut GmbH and a stop-motion video for Kenkodo and Metabolomic Discoveries

Food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI is known for her stop-motion films, and recently realized a how-to video for the metabolism analysis service Kenkodo. With Kenkodo, developed by Potsdam-based company Metabolomic Discoveries, well-being is improved using a sampling kit and an app as a mobile diary.

From magic dust on ribs, fruity rubbed chicken, and homemade herb butter on steak – Ankerkraut maximizes the BBQ experience. Flavor manufacturer Ankerkraut delivers fresh and homemade culinary delight directly from the port of Hamburg to your home. Food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI and the two foodstylists MAX FABER and ANKE RABELER were in charge of recipe development and photo production for "The Grillbook" from Ankerkraut GmbH. Art Director on set was Michaela Vargas Coronado.

"Classics like ribs and pulled pork await you along with new challenges such as US beef Picanha and Wagyu as well as the best BBQ bloggers have to offer. Find out how to use our BBQ rubs and spices on...

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