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news | New book release: 'Klapp-Stullen', with delicious recipes and modernly staged products by food stylist Max Faber c/o Nina Rautenberg, appearing at Westkreuz Publishing

In 'Klapp-Stullen' (foldable sandwiches), Max Faber c/o NINA RAUTENBERG plays consciously with the extraordinary imagery of a high-resolution scanner. The unique structures of each product become visible for the beholder, and the shapes, colors, liquids and fibers created by nature resemble the work of an artist. The truly special photos are complemented by unusually staged products, recipes and texts on everything there is to know about sandwiches.

After gaining professional experience as a trained chef, Max Faber has worked as a freelance food stylist since 2008 for publishers and advertising clients. Besides developing recipes, he has teamed up with photographers and contributed to several advertising productions and cookbooks with his special style. For quite some time, he has experimented with the scanner technology.

KLAPP-STULLEN by Max Faber, 200 pages with 141 photos, hardcover 170×240mm, 32.00 euros, Westkreuz Publishing, ISBN 9783944836461

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