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'Lunch Time in Berlin - the innovative kitchens of the German metropolis' - Nicky WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for the Migros cooking magazine MIGUSTO

Swiss Migros is concentrating its cooking expertise under the new brand Migusto, cooking club and magazine. 'Lunch in Berlin - the innovative cuisine of the German metropolis' was the topic of MIGUSTO magazine issue 06/2017. Berlin-based food & lifestyle photographer Nicky WALSH photographed happening locations and cool arrangements (photo editing: Lee Jacobs, texts: Brigitte Jurczyk). Find more information on Migros Mag here, and several more delicacies from the award-winning food specialist at NINA RAUTENBERG.
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Product shoot for HALM, drinking straws made of glass, by Nicky WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG

The congenial startup HALM manufactures drinking straws made of glass instead of plastic. On a trip to Thailand, they became aware of how much waste is produced alone by drinks with plastic straws every day. “On average, a straw is only used for 15 minutes, but it takes about 300 to 500 years until the plastic is no longer on the planet...” So they gave birth to HALM Trading UG. The product shoot with the glass straws was realized by food photographer Nicky WALSH in Berlin.
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Stop-motion film for NETTO by Antje PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG

Antje PLEWINSKI has worked as a standstill and food photographer in Berlin since 1996. For some time now, her repertoire also offers stop-motion films, which are a beautiful stylistic device for narratives particularly in the food sector. She just realized a stop-motion film for NETTO, which we present you here on GoSee. More by Antje is available directly via NINA RAUTENBERG.
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