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Nina Rautenberg: Recipe development and photo production 'The Grillbook' for Ankerkraut GmbH and a stop-motion video for Kenkodo and Metabolomic Discoveries

Food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI is known for her stop-motion films, and recently realized a how-to video for the metabolism analysis service Kenkodo. With Kenkodo, developed by Potsdam-based company Metabolomic Discoveries, well-being is improved using a sampling kit and an app as a mobile diary.

From magic dust on ribs, fruity rubbed chicken, and homemade herb butter on steak – Ankerkraut maximizes the BBQ experience. Flavor manufacturer Ankerkraut delivers fresh and homemade culinary delight directly from the port of Hamburg to your home. Food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI and the two foodstylists MAX FABER and ANKE RABELER were in charge of recipe development and photo production for "The Grillbook" from Ankerkraut GmbH. Art Director on set was Michaela Vargas Coronado.

"Classics like ribs and pulled pork await you along with new challenges such as US beef Picanha and Wagyu as well as the best BBQ bloggers have to offer. Find out how to use our BBQ rubs and spices on point. We even thought of the grilled ice cream bombe and unusual drinks like a beer cocktail with gin and grapefruit for a perfect evening barbecue with friends," the Ankerkraut team tells us.

Further information on recipe development, foodstyling and the agency specialized in food photography is available via NINA RAUTENBERG.
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Cool drinks for SAN PELLEGRINO, the poster campaign 'Meine Fleischerei' for NETTO and the baking book 'Cakes & Cookies' photographed by ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o Nina Rautenbrg

On the topic of citrus zests for cool drinks, SAN PELLEGRINO and the agency Pure Perfection PR commissioned food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o Nina Rautenberg. Whether curled, ringed, jagged or punched – this fruity decoration with the zest of oranges, limes or lemons turns every drink into an eye-catching highlight in a jiffy. Foodstyling was taken care of by Max Faber c/o Nina Rautenberg.

For NETTO, ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o Nina Rautenberg photographed juicy motifs for the poster campaign 'Meine Fleischerei' on commission for the agency EDDB Die Brandenburgs. Foodstyling was in the hands of Anke Rabeler c/o Nina Rautenberg.

For Dr. Oetker Publishing, food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI and stylist ANKE RABELER c/o Nina Rautenberg conjured up delicious food motifs for the new baking book 'Cakes & Cookies' (A-Z series). From A like American Cheesecake to Z like 'ze very best' Lemon Blueberry Tart, the breadth and depth of the alluring baking ideas in this book is brought to you in 200 recipes on 288 pages. Well-known classics such as Americans, brownies, shortbread and whoopies are just as much a part of the selection as exciting new creations. Here are a few appetite-whetters, and more is available via NINA RAUTENBERG.
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Food & beverage shoot for the Juliet Rose Bar by SANDRA ECKHARDT c/o Nina Rautenbrg for Hilton International Germany GmbH

SANDRA ECKHARDT photographed food & beverages for Munich's Juliet Rose Bar. It took almost two years for the concept of the new bar at the Hilton City Hotel – at which drinks are smoked and divided into four flavors or according to the 'botanical elements': woody, botanical, floral or fruity. Photos were shot for Hilton International Germany GmbH, with foodstyling taken care of by Michael Koch; food creation: Roman Kotte.
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