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NINA RAUTENBERG : ELLA’S BASENBANDE – climate rescuer soup in the refrigerated aisle, ‘Sugar-free Express – Hannah Frey’ cookbook (GU Publishing), plus dm Alverde Magazine

The first climate rescuer in the refrigerated aisle – NICKY WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed for ELLA’S BASENBANDE, with food styling by Max Faber c/o NINA RAUTENBERG. As a specialized physician and nutrition expert, Ella’s heart beats for healthy eating habits, an acid-base balance and foods without hidden sugar, fillers, pesticides, and flavor enhancers. Which is why Ella’s Basenbande offers healthy food in a glass.

BECCA CRAWFORD c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed for the ‘Zuckerfrei Express – Hannah Frey’ cookbook (GU Publishing). Food styling was taken care of by Max Faber c/o NINA RAUTENBERG. In her new cookbook, author and food blogger Hannah Frey calls upon readers to take the challenge: 40 days without sugar! Embracing the ethos ‘Clean Up Your Kitchen’, she helps to reveal where sugar is hidden and shows just how tasty sugar-free nutrition can be. Successes are shared under #projectsugarfree.

ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed once again for the February issue of dm’s Alverde magazine and the agency Arthen Kommunikation, with food styling from the hands of Max Faber c/o Nina Rautenberg.
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Food photos for DM MAGAZINE ALVERDE and calendar motifs for Trurnit Zeit & Bild GmbH by ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG

ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed for dm magazine Alverde (January 2020) with foodstyling by Anke Rabeler c/o NINA RAUTENBERG.

For the ‘Die Termine 2020’ calendar, Antje photographed twelve recipes and twelve food stills. Foodstyling of the recipe photos came from Anke Rabeler c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for the client Trurnit Zeit & Bild GmbH, the experts for press work, calendars and annual reports.
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Sliver-thin carpaccio for DER FEINSCHMECKER mag and GU VERLAG with SCANOGRAPHY and foodstyling by Max Faber c/o Nina Rautenberg

MAX FABER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG used his SCANOGRAPHY technique once again for the magazine DER FEINSCHMECKER. He also took care of foodstyling & recipes on the topic of Carpaccio. Further recipes came from Anke RABELER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG. Plus, Max shot teaser photos for ‘Easier Every Day – the Cookbook’ from GU publishing.
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