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recomCGI presents CGI motifs for the BMW i3S campaign and photographer Andreas Hempel in San Francisco, Mercedes E-Class campaign for antoni with Nadav Kander, AUDI SQ5 with GoSee member CQUADRAT PHOTOGRAPHY and Kolle Rebbe

recomCGI teamed up with Andreas Hempel c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF to produce CGI motifs for the new BMW i3S campaign in San Francisco. The agency was Serviceplan with CDs Jan Grothklags, Falk Pegelow, Mark Räke, and AD Christine Behrendt.

Created via CGI for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with Nadav Kander were the vehicles, the architecture and a few lava landscape elements. The agency was antoni with Creative Director Tilman Gossner, AD Patricia Scheder and Art Buyer Valerie Opitz.

There were also CGI vehicles for the AUDI SQ5, which were photographed by GoSee member CQUADRAT for Kolle Rebbe with Creative Director Jörg Dittmann, Art Director Benjamin Allwardt and Art Buyer Alice Feja.
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recomFILM produces press films for the PORSCHE GT3-T and takes a road trip with the PORSCHE CAYENNE across the west of the USA

RECOM FILM also has two FULL service productions to show for, employing big production machinery to create elaborate press films for the PORSCHE GT3-T (studio laser production) and for the brand new PORSCHE CAYENNE (on a road trip through the west of the US).

The press film for the PORSCHE GT3-T 2017 was created with Director and DOP Andreas Justus Burz, for which production & post prod were taken care of by recomFILM. The Producer was Manuel Hummer, Editor: Tobias Beul, and sound design was in the hands of Marvin Keil. The 911 GT3 with a touring package debuted at the 67th International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt. It is only available with a six-speed manual transmission and is equipped with a variable rear spoiler like the 911 Carrera instead of a fixed rear wing. The term touring package goes back to an equipment option of the 911 Carrera RS model from the year 1973. Back then, purist 911 design and classic interior elements were already front and center.

Responsible as Director and DOP for the press film for the market launch of the new PORSCHE Cayenne was also Andreas Justus Bur. Production & post prod were taken care of by recomFILM (Producer: Manuel Hummer, Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez, sound design: Marvin Keil, color correction: Christina Lüdge, music by: Stefan Schelens). The new Cayenne expands the playing fields for sports car lovers in a breathtaking way. The racing circuit becomes the road of life, and the pilot becomes an adventurer, family person, and weekend allrounder...

We bring you both projects here on GoSee, and you can find out more about the film unit from RECOM FILM.
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recomPOST in charge of post production for the BMW X7 Concept and Mercedes S-Class

The final touches in post production came from RECOM for the BMW X7 Concept with photographer and GoSee member ROBERT WESTRICH. Three vehicles were realized via CGI.

Uli Heckmann entrusted RECOM with post production for the MERCEDES S-Class campaign.
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