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featured by Preuss und Preuss : PREUSS UND PREUSS presents ‘Great Job. The New Vito’ – the global campaign of the new MERCEDES-BENZ VAN for more pleasure at work for you on GoSee

MERCEDES-BENZ VANS kicks off an international campaign for the new VITO – and ensures more pleasure at work when facing almost everyday challenges. Whether as a van for craftsmen, as a tourer for families, shuttle and taxi services – the new VITO always does a good job. Precisely what is demonstrated in the global campaign for which PREUSS UND PREUSS was responsible. For the creative lead agency, it was the first big visible campaign after winning the pitch for the global marketing communication of Mercedes-Benz Vans at the end of 2018.

“The campaign shows with ease, joy and fastidious aesthetics how these vehicles help people from very different professions do a great job.” Agency Head Michael Preuss tells us.

True to the slogan “Great Job. The New Vito”, the campaign is directed at target groups across media while supplying the Asian market with specially created campaign spots, motifs and digital measures. Nine different spots plus a product film highlight the new features and hallmarks of the Vito, with additional print motifs photographed by Dave Hill with the protagonists from the films.

Responsible from PREUSS UND PREUSS : Michael Preuss (Managing Director/CD), Nina Preuss (Managing Director/Consulting), Patricia Scheder (CD Art), Sebastian Flemmig, Michael Preuss (Copy), Susanne Gooss, Katharina Matthes (AD), Till Hopf (Consulting), Sunna Pilz (FFF). Production : MARKENFILM CROSSING, Joschka Laukeninks (Director), Ekkehart Pollack (DOP), Vera Berg (Editor), Dave Hill (Photographer). Music/Sound: Not A Machine, Post Production: Infected Berlin, NHB Berlin/Hamburg, RECOM London/Stuttgart.
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featured by Andreas Burz : ANDREAS BURZ in charge of creative supervision for the Renault Arkana RS, realized by recomFILM in CGI, for Publicis Conseil

For the new motifs of the RENAULT ARKANA RS, photographer ANDREAS BURZ was in charge of creative supervision of the extensive project realized by recomFILM entirely in CGI. In the photo spread as well as in the film, also created by recomFILM, the new Renault Arkana, illuminated by the first warm rays of sun, was perfectly staged in a location marked by old redbrick buildings.

The new Arkana – an SUV Coupé with a modern design in silver or Valencia Orange – combines streamlined contours with a robust look and the typical features of an SUV: Its dynamic silhouette makes it an absolute eye-catcher at first sight.

Find further works in the area of TRANSPORTATION by ANDREAS BURZ.
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featured by Claudia Bitzer : CLAUDIA BITZER Christian Schmidt photographs for the KulturLegi program of Caritas Switzerland and Serviceplan Suisse from a bird’s eye view – tight budget & complete program

With its program ‘KulturLegi’, Caritas Switzerland enables people with a tight budget to also take part in cultural life. CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER teamed up with ServicePlan to photograph five motifs, in which he points out the various aspects of this offer. All photographed from a bird’s eye view, the motifs show people visiting a museum, doing sports or in a concert hall. In each motif, one person is highlighted who is able to benefit from the offer thanks to KulturLegi.

The particular photographic challenge for Christian was finding a camera position in the interior that still allowed enough distance and a sufficient resolution. He solved the problem with a twelve-meter tripod which enabled him to control how he shot richly detailed photos. In charge of putting on the final touches in post was RECOM.

Responsible at Caritas: Desirée Germann (Marketing Executive), Isabelle Nold (Branch Director KulturLegi); Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Raul Serrat (Executive Creative Director), Michael Kathe (Creative Director), Hanna Blumenrath (Text), Cinthia Stettler (Art Direction), Dominic Häuptli (Consulting), Pam Hügli (Overall Responsibility), All in Productions (Photo Production).
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