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recomCGI on a creative mission for the FORD Ranger campaign and GTB, recomFILM produces the press film with a CG car for PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS and meet the RECOM team in person at UPDATE18BERLIN

recomFILM produced the press film for the market launch of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The vehicle and several SpecialFX were created by recomFILM via CGI.

For the FORD RANGER campaign conceived by GTB and photographed by John Roe RECOM produced all vehicles via CGI and even some of the props, plus finalized the large-scale campaign with creative post production.

Created for Clemens Ascher's "Of Rainbows and other Monuments" alongside CG vehicles were purist CG architecture elements.

"We look forward to welcoming creatives, clients, brands, and art producers again this year at our booth at UPDATE BERLIN," says the RECOM Team.
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A triple dose of RECOM CGI for AUDI AICON, BMW i8 & FORD as well as RECOM POST for the VOLVO V90 spread, plus two PORSCHE press films

RECOM FILM produced two PORSCHE press films – RECOM FILM revs up with two new full-service productions (produced in Austria) for the PORSCHE press films and the launch of the 718 GTS and the 911 Carrera T. We have both films for you on GoSee.

We present you RECOM CGI for the AUDI AICON (Ph. Julia Pommerenke, VICTOR JON GOICO and Rouven Steinke) and the brand new, redesigned AUDI MAGAZINE as well as  campaign visuals for the BMW i8 Coupé and Roadster, photographed by GoSee member JEFF LUDES.

RECOM worked on no less than 3 CGI projects for FORD. First off, they visualized the FORD Edge together with Uli Heckmann, for Michael SCHNABEL c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS they had the honor of producing the print motifs plus the "Time Freeze" animations with CG vehicles – and created in collaboration with GoSee NEW entry THILO SICHENEDER was an action-packed portfolio spread with the power pack Shelby.

Last but not least, we present you on GoSee the brand new portfolio motifs for Christian Schmidt's V90 spread, refined by the pros at recom.
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RECOM FILM scores big time with three FULL-service productions (Press Films) for PORSCHE GT3-T (studio laser production), for the brand new PORSCHE CAYENNE (road trip through the American West) and with the PORSCHE Panamera ST in Shanghai by night

No less than three new FULL-service productions is what RECOM FILM has to show for: First were elaborate press films realized with big production machinery for the PORSCHE GT3-T (studio laser production), then the brand new PORSCHE CAYENNE (road trip across the West of the USA) and finally for the PORSCHE Panamera ST (film shoot at night in Shanghai with a tracking car and Russian arm, the works). For the Panamera ST, RECOM FILM generated the vehicle via CGI (Director: Andreas Justus Burz, Producer: Manuel Hummer, DOP: Florian Langanke).

The press film for the PORSCHE GT3-T 2017 was created with Director and DOP Andreas Justus Burz, while production & post prod were taken care of by recomFILM. Producer was Manuel Hummer, Editor: Tobias Beul, and sound design was taken care of by Marvin Keil. The 911 GT3 with Touring Package debuts at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. It is available exclusively with a manual six-speed transmission, and instead of the fixed rear wing, it has a variable rear spoiler like the 911 Carrera. The term Touring Package goes back to an equipment variant of the 911 Carrera RS from the 1973 model year. Back then, the focus was on purist 911 design and classic interior design elements.

For the press film and market launch of the new PORSCHE Cayenne, Andreas Justus Burz was also the responsible Director and DOP. Production & post prod were taken care of by recomFILM (Producer: Manuel Hummer, Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez, Sound Design: Marvin Keil, Color Correction: Christina Lüdge, Music: Stefan Schelens). The new Cayenne ups the ante for sports car lovers in a breathtaking way. The racetrack turns into the road of life, and the pilot becomes an adventurer, family person, weekend allrounder...

We bring you all three projects here on GoSee... Two more PORSCHE press films were finalized by RECOM FILM and are awaiting their debut and a new press film, which was finished only a week ago, is now in the production pipeline... Stay tuned – more is coming soon !
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