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featured by Mierswa-Kluska : NEW at GoSee : MIERSWA-KLUSKA, luxury products, interior and automotive, Munich; we present you their automotive lifestyle project in photos and film

NEW at GoSee is photographer and film duo MIERSWA KLUSKA aka Andreas Mierswa and Markus Kluska from Munich. The two creatives have been working as a team for more than 20 years and started out in the area of still life from where they have successfully developed into all areas of photography. Fashion, animation, film, 3D...  an extraordinary bandwidth at an international level. They present you a summery spread in which the vehicle is masterfully staged with plenty of zeitgeist – in photos and film.

“We combine our fashion experience with our still life standards in regard to how we stage the product. We love to mix a fashion and still life. We’re focussing at the moment on luxury products, interior and automotive.” Over the course of their long and successful career, MIERSWA KLUSKA have produced for numerous international luxury and lifestyle brands. Just to name a few publications: Elle Germany, Amica Italy, Plaza Watch Sweden, Glamour Italy, Vogue Russia, L’Ófficiell Hommes, Vogue Accessory Italy, GQ, Madame, AD Germany or SZ Magazine and many, many more.

They present their film work under The area of film has expanded for them and today makes up a significant part of their work. The creative duo Mierswa Kluska is represented for photo and film by Rene Hauser, Zurich.

About – MIERSWAK KLUSKA. In a digital age, precision- and emotion-driven still life, fashion and beauty imagery is a must to provide a first-class customer journey. Our high-end clients, global brands in cosmetics, cars, design or jewelry, often working in collaboration with top-tier communication agencies, have big expectations – and so they should. They have worked for years on their products, and the imagery created by us becomes the public face of something in which they have invested time, dedication and love. Employing the visual language of today and tomorrow, we offer full-service content creation ranging from high-end product photography to CGI and moving images of cinematic quality. We know how light works, which is a must if you want to create an emotion-laden sense of precision and reality. In our large, multidisciplinary studio in central Munich, we have a collective of photographers, retouchers, visual artists, directors and back-office staff enabling an integrated production. Thus we are flexible and provide a smooth workflow and cost-effective synergies. Join the evolution.
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