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news | Robert Westrich presents 'EL CAMIONERO' PART 2 : Finitude in the realm of endlessness, places in which the souls of the deceased can live on

Ten years ago marked the beginning of a very special journey for Robert – when he embarked on a road trip to Chile's Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego region to work on his portfolio. One result among many amazing others is his 'El Camionero' series. A route passing the memorials of drivers killed in accidents on the roadsides in the Atacama Desert. As a reminder, a place where the souls of the deceased can continue to live, what are referred to as 'Animitas' are erected and decorated by the relatives at the scene of the accidents. Finitude in the realm of endlessness.

In a series of exhibitions, Robert has managed to bring this story vividly to visitors even here, far from the vast desert of northern Chile with a work which has won domestic and international awards alike (BFF, IPA, PX3, Horizonte Zingst...).

Now, one decade later, Robert has returned to this special place – this time with an extensive production for a German carmaker (more is coming soon on GoSee). He jumped at...

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