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‘ENTRE DEUX MERS’ - Nadine Strittmatter in L‘OFFICIEL BALTICS, staged by fashion photographer ROGER WEBER

For ‘ENTRE DEUX MERS’ – published in L’OFFICIEL BALTICS – Swiss top model Nadine Strittmatter posed for the camera of fashion photographer ROGER WEBER. ‘We photographed this story on the French Atlantic coast just outside of Deauville. The harsh climate, the endless horizon and ever-changing moods of light there have always fascinated me,” the photographer tells GoSee. 

Styling was in the hands of Anja Shahinniya, with hair & make-up by Vera Dierckx @ NINA KLEIN and production by JPPS Production Paris. The final look of the motifs was taken care of by GoSee member RETUSH.
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‘THE DENIM TWINS’ - beauty project with Zara & Megan Goslett by ROGER WEBER in Cape Town

“So beautiful to feel the pureness and trust of these amazing girls to one another,” says fashion photographer ROGER WEBER, thrilled about sisters Zara & Megan Goslett, who made an inspiring appearance in soft light against a richly contrasted backdrop in the personal beauty production entitled ‘THE DENIM TWINS’.

“I love special places like this old playground. They remind us of the transience of things and how nature eventually reclaims everything. In search of the perfect model, I found these unique twins who looked like fresh out of a David Lynch movie. We shot some of the photos on film and used an old Pentax 6x7 that I found on location. Fashion-wise, we focussed on vintage and jeans.

Production in Cape Town was taken care of by GoSee member FIRST PRODUCTIONS. Responsible for make-up was JOSIE MARTENS @ BIGOUDI, and styling came from Tania Hohenhoevel.
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featured by VISUALEYES ARTISTS : On the French Atlantic coast for L'OFFICIEL - a COSMOPOLITAN spread and portraits of shooting star Clémentine Grenier - we have new works by fashion photographer Roger WEBER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS for you on GoSee

“We are delighted to kick off the year with gorgeous news from ROGER WEBER who produced fashion spreads on the French Atlantic coast with Swiss top model Nadine Strittmatter for L’OFFICIEL and one for COSMOPOLITAN with up-and-coming American model Jessica Whitlow.” VISUALEYES ARTISTS tells GoSee and continues: “We’re also proud to present a selection of portraits Roger made of shooting star actress CLÉMENTINE GRENIER, who played alongside Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve and Ethan Hawke in The Truth.” GoSee!
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