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news | French cuisine for 'Paris Street; Rainy Day' in SISTER magazine - with recipes by Lukas GROSSMANN c/o AGENTUR ROUGE for you to try at home !

Onion mushroom consommé with baguette aux Comté and pickles, coq au vin blanc with glazed carrot, Jerusalem artichokes, dukkah & carrot greens, savory apple-potato tarte tatin with Roquefort and frisee, eclaires with orange & caramel – for the January 2019 issue of online magazine SISTER, Lukas GROSSMANN c/o AGENTUR ROUGE, inspired by Gustave Caillebotte's painting Paris Street; Rainy Day, had the honor of developing four recipes. Photos were shot by Claudia Gödke. The menu made up of the recipes above can be downloaded here: Bon appetit!

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