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news | Ice cream, fruit, champagne... NEW in the GoSee SHOP : ROYAN, sun-drenched and natural food photography from the Canary Islands

Ice cream in loud trendy colors, lemons like the ones in your own kitchen... NEW in the GoSeeSHOP is ROYAN: lifestyle-ish, entertaining and always easy-going, food photography from the Canary Islands. Royan, son of a French mother and raised in Mexico, ended up on the Canary Islands during his years as an apprentice and a journeyman – a place he meanwhile calls home. About his photos, he tells us: “I deliberately do without post production – not that I don't like high-gloss food photography, I think that by doing so, I am making a statement in our day and age and that it is simply refreshing sometimes to find a bit of truth in a photo. My photos are relatable, they make you feel good. Which is why I don't call myself a food photographer even though it is what I love to do most – I see myself as a lifestyle-food photographer." Several of his motifs are now available for purchase in digital form at a reasonable price in his GoSeeSHOP. And as ROYAN explicitly tells us, you are free to...

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