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Scanderbeg Sauer photograph employees of the BMW Group Switzerland BMW & MINI at their daily work

SCANDERBEG SAUER, specialized in corporate, industrial, landscape, reportage and portrait, were on a mission for the BMW Group Switzerland | BMW & MINI. "We have photographed over 100 BMW and MINI dealers for the new partner websites. It has been a huge and very exciting project with so many different insights. We're looking forward to more shoots in 2019," say Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer.
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'Passed Away Too Early', two motifs for ZH magazine ZKB on our throwaway mentality - photographed by SCANDERBEG SAUER

The two images shot for ZH Magazine 03/2018 illustrate the article "Passed Away Too Early". A report about possible ways out of throw-away mentality. ZH Magazine is produced by Crafft Communication for Zürcher Kantonalbank.
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REGO-FIX - the internationally active Swiss tool manufacturer with a new look, photographed by SCANDERBEG SAUER

REGO-FIX AG, with 190 employees worldwide today, is among the leading Swiss tool manufacturers. At the Tenniken headquarters in Switzerland, the complete range of cutting tools from the world-famous and owner-managed company is manufactured. The photos presented here on GoSee were photographed on location in Tenniken by SCANDERBEG SAUER. They stand for the new look of the innovative company, which recycles in stages of production. Plus, their environmental management has been ISO 14001 certified since 2007. The motifs are used for websites and various print publications.
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