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news | GoSee Tip : 'The concrete series' – concrete cast classics with picturesque lighting. Exhibition by SCHALL & SCHNABEL in Berlin

“'The concrete series' is a nude series, that explores the contrast between the human body and the dehumanized material concrete ...” Photographer duo Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn aka SCHALL & SCHNABEL present their exiting mix of photography, collage and nude in an exhibition in Berlin.

“For more than a year, we photographed various nude men and women in front of a cement wall and then edited the prints again with cement,” SCHALL & SCHNABEL tells GoSee. “After a longer series of experiments, concrete proved to be a material which took the fundamental theme of our works - of how much an image can be distorted or destroyed and still maintain its idiosyncratic beauty or the mood that it transports – to the absolute limit. Sometimes we even joke around about how the photos look like concrete cast classics because the lighting is so picturesque.”

The vernissage takes place at Irrgang Berlin, Friedrichstraße 232 at 7pm on 24 June. SOUND & SCHNABEL have most likely been registered...

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