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Wolfram Schroll presents 'Beautiful Machines' – industrial photos for annual reports, trade fairs, key visuals for client websites such as Alpine Metal Tech, Elwema (automotive industry), or Rhewum

Mechanical engineering is is one of the most important export industries in Germany and Austria, and several companies in this industry commission industrial photographer Wolfram Schroll. Created by means of composed exposures paired with thrilling perspectives are photographs which captivate viewers and invite them to linger.

Wolfram tells us: 'I have been working for mechanical engineering companies Alpine Metal Tech, Elwema and Rhewum for several years and support their portfolios photographically. And that is where I find them, these 'Beautiful Machines'. I love machines of all kinds, big and small, complex or crude, just the same. Alpine Metal Tech builds machines for the production of aluminum rims, Elwema produces for the automotive industry, and Rhewum manufactures screening machines for bulk materials, from sugar and salt to stones and ore.

My job is to turn these at times somewhat rough objects into 'Beautiful Machines'. Which is not always easy as the machines are often only set up temporarily and don't always function properly. Client requirements range from an objective representation to exciting key visuals for websites, annual reports and trade fairs. And since the photographer is already there, let's try to make a short video... '
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Wolfram Schroll photographs the distribution center for arvato BERTELSMANN – and keeps on moving...

Wolfram Schroll, is specialized in industrial topics and was commissioned to photograph the distribution center of Arvato in Halle / Queis. For Telekom, Arvator manages the entire logistics services.

Wolfram tells us: 'On a location check, the complex work processes were shown and explained to me, and I selected the first motifs. During the two-day shoot, all my wishes came true. In such a process with more than 10000 packages per day, you can't stop production. Everything is in motion, autonomous vehicles traverse the production facility; there is a constant flow of boxes from one side of the hall to the other. So I was able to realize my photographic ideas with a blend of multiple exposures and post production. All in all, it was a job that kept us moving quite a lot. For the team too; we did a lot of walking.''
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Specialty chemicals company LANXESS relies on production, development and research – photographed by Wolfram Schroll

The High Performance Materials business unit (HPM) of chemicals company LANXESS commissioned industry photographer WOLFRAM SCHROLL to shoot photos in the areas of production, development and research for the company's own photo pool. Wolfram Schroll on the project: "I've always been fascinated by chemistry and used to build small solid rockets when I was about twelve – thank goodness they didn't fly very far."  LANXESS, of course, is about completely different products, for example plastics for the emerging electro-mobility sector.

The challenge during the shoot for LANXESS was finding and developing motifs in the giant complex of production facilities and labs. "After a detailed location check, we photographed for one week at two different sites." says Wolfram Schroll. The LANXESS AG, headquartered in Cologne, is a specialty chemicals company which was founded in 2004 after outsourcing the chemicals division and parts of the polymers division at Bayer AG. The company reached a stock market value of approximately 7.5 billion US dollars in mid 2018. We have Wolfram Schroll's photos here for you on GoSee.
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