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Dimitri loves to contradict himself from season to season, not to commit to any particular style. The new FW20 ranges from minimalism to purism to lounge wear. The simple, puristic and modern lines of this collection in muted colors formed a strong contrast to the usual very feminine designs. Elegance, portability and creativity give life to this collection, a new perspective on classic style that combines sophistication and modernity. The cuts are designed to be small, straight and yet a bit sexy. Dimitri uses neutral colors or earth tones. Due to the simple cuts of the clothing, there are many possible combinations that can be worn regardless of the season, both during the day and as an evening outfit. In addition, the high-quality materials underline the Italian chic of the collections. Influenced by the Bauhaus style and therefore characterized by angular and clear lines, the designs appear simple and plain, are minimalist and without frills - without being conservative. The FW20 collection impresses with the quality of the fabrics, the lack of unnecessary details and show a pure, perhaps also new Dimitri look!