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news | 'Mein TV AIR. My Rules' – SWISSCOM TV commercials by Per KASCH c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for Heimat Zurich

TV Air from Swisscom is an Internet TV service and thus the television of a new generation. It offers the exact independence that teens and young adults growing up with digitization expect. Per KASCH c/o SEVERIN WENDELER directed two commercials for SWISSCOM, which we present you here on GoSee.

"Our purely online campaign for TV Air reflects this individualized and self-determined lifestyle. Created under the self-conscious claim: "My TV Air. My Rules." were six motifs and two short films based on the sassy-cheeky tonality and more edgy imagery of internet memes," says HEIMAT ZURICH.

A TV evening with the parents? Time to disappear! The film 'Exit' shows how Swisscom TV Air can help to escape the fuddy-duddy bourgeois living room hell the quickest way possible. That exciting entertainment can't even be stopped by the long arm of the law is demonstrated by the second film for TV Air, which was run specifically for mobile users. Find more films by PER KASCH at SEVERIN...

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