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'Fruit Vendors' - CHRISTOPH SIEGERT documents in his lifestyle reportage the behavior of fruit vendors in Kenya

“On a lonely country road in the middle of Kenya, there is a spot where all the fruit vendors gather to offer their goods. Every car that stops there is "bombarded" from all sides like from a swarm of bees. Each saleswoman tries to convince passengers of the cars of their goods and the passengers try to make the best deal without being ripped off. After a few minutes, when the sale is done, the nightmare is over and you drive on...”

This intense moment in which emotions collide, and there is tremendous tension in the air is CHRISTOPH SIEGERTS 'decisive moment'. The four motifs were created within a few minutes and show a microcosm that visualizes the will to survive of an entire continent. The motifs symbolize that moment in life when success or failure is decided. In this photographic position, the look of staged lifestyle photographs is amalgamated with classic reportage in order to photograph this decisive moment photographically.
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Christoph Siegert shoots the STAR online campaign for BBS agency and the online agency deep blue

Christoph SIEGERT photographed for the ORLEN Group in and around the Star cafés of their gas stations. The sunny, friendly motifs were used for company's website. The executive agencies for the job were Orlen's advertising agency BBS and the online agency deep blue.

About - STAR is the petrol station brand name for ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, the company behind more than 550 petrol stations in Germany since 2003. Since that year, ORLEN has consistently pursued its aim to make star the most popular petrol station brand in Germany.

In addition to reliably offering affordable quality fuels, star provides suitable products and services that people need when they're on the road. For us at star this means that we truly listen to our customers, offer expert advice and provide what our customers really need for themselves and their cars – be it a car wash, coffee to go, chilled drinks or a tasty snack. Our partners running our petrol stations are keen to create a friendly atmosphere and make filling up with petrol and shopping a hassle-free experience for you. You'll enjoy filling up with petrol at star. For more information about our network of petrol stations, visit :
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The POSTBANK image campaign chooses facets - photos by Christoph Siegert

Christoph photographed an unusual POSTBANK employer campaign. Realization of the employer branding campaign was in the hands of Weigertpirouzwolf (WPW) from Hamburg. Christoph Siegert staged young talent for it, who don't fulfill the usual clichés of typical bankers but are as normal and multifaceted as the POSTBANK customers themselves.
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