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featured by GoSee SHOP : SLANTED PUBLISHERS present the book : ‘Karl-Heinz Drescher – Berlin Typo Posters’ with texts and interviews on GoSee

Karl-Heinz Drescher (born on 7 October, 1936 in Quirl; died on 19 May, 2011 in Berlin) was a graphic artist working at Bertolt Brecht’s world-famous theater, Berliner Ensemble, as a graphic designer for almost 40 years. In addition to his work at this house, Drescher has also worked for other organizers, museums, galleries, and theaters, including the Akademie der Künste der DDR, the Maxim Gorki Theater, and the Deutsche Staatsoper in Berlin. His catalogue of works today comprises over 400 posters, about one third printed with letterpress.

As part of his one-year research, designer Markus Lange contacted Drescher’s family and conducted various interviews with companions and friends to find out more about this talented designer, who studied from 1955 to 1960 in the former GDR at the same school as he did (Burg Giebichenstein, formerly Hochschule für industrielle Formgestaltung).

For the first time, this book summarizes most of Karl-Heinz Drescher’s (typographic) posters in one comprehensive volume and contains texts and interviews by various authors such as Dr. Friedrich Diekmann, Dr. Sylke Wunderlich, Helmut Brade, Niklaus Troxler, Gerd Fleischmann, Jamie Murphy, Erik Spiekermann, Ferdinand Ulrich, Götz Gramlich, Peter Kammerer, Vera Tenschert, Cesarina, and Alessandro Drescher. “Karl-Heinz Drescher – Berlin Typo Posters, Texts, and Interviews” serves as a review of the life of an extraordinary theater graphic designer but also as an inspiration for the here and now.

Karl-Heinz Drescher – Berlin Typo Posters
Publisher: Slanted Publishers . Editor & Design: Markus Lange . Final Artwork and Production: Julia Kahl, Clara Weinreich . Project management publisher: Lars Harmsen, Julia Kahl . Format: 19.5 × 26.5 × 2.5 cm . Volume: 272 pages . Language: English, German . Printing & Embossing: Stober, Cover material: WestRock Crescendo, C1S 300 g/sm by WestRock, Paper: Holmen TRND 2.0, 80 g/sm by Holmen Paper . ISBN: 978-3-948440-00-8 . Price: € 40.–

GoSee: slanted.de/karl-heinz-drescher-berlin-typo-poster-texts-and-interviews
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featured by GoSee EVENT : GoSee presents the Slanted × Kickstarter Mentoring & Publishing Program

International design magazine Slanted & Kickstarter are teaming up to launch an open-call for graphic designers, typographers, photographers, illustrators, editors, and art directors who seek funding for a project in the wider field of print publications in 2020.

This spring, 10 selected candidates will receive one-on-one mentoring sessions with Kickstarter’s team to help them successfully build & promote their campaign, as well as editorial and promotional support on Kickstarter and Slanted channels. Slanted will chime in with their expertise on the creative and entrepreneurial side of things.

The most outstanding projects are granted a chance to get published by Slanted Publishers. Slanted’s publishing program reflects their own diverse interests, focusing on contemporary design and culture. They work closely with their editors and authors to produce outstanding publications with meaningful content and high quality.

Slanted: “Applications will be open for 6 weeks until 19 April, 2020. Once we reach this date, we’ll begin the review process to select 10 projects. We will then get in touch individually to discuss the next steps.”

What is there to win? If you’re part of the selected candidates, Kickstarter & Slanted will be offering:
• Mentorship and advice from Kickstarter experts on planning & promoting your campaign
• Promotion of your campaign through both Slanted & Kickstarter channels
• Mentorship and advice from Slanted on the production phase
• A chance to be published by Slanted Publishers, which means:
◦ Integration into the publishing program
◦ ISBN number
◦ Worldwide distribution
◦ Listing at the German National Library
◦ International promotion on all channels, e.g. Slanted blog (100K users monthly), Instagram 92K, Facebook 54K, Twitter 10K, Newsletter 35K ≈ appr. 290K reach
◦ Assistance with final artwork
◦ Professional proofreading
◦ Fair financial conditions (individually by project)

What are they looking for?
• Unique, creative, and bold print publications
• Within the fields of Art, Design, Photography, Illustration, Typography, and Visual Journalism
• In form of zines, magazines, books; especially welcome are master and bachelor theses in the mentioned fields
• Minimum planned print run of 300 copies
• Chosen candidates must be willing to make modifications on their work, if they are picked for the publishing program

Submit your project now: slanted.de/publisher/publishing-proposal/
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Slanted Publishers recommends Typodarium 2020 with 384 pages in 12 colors and a font system for more diplomacy and tolerance

Brexit and Trump’s Wall—it seems that borders around the world are currently being closed rather than permeable. It’s a good thing that more and more font families are mediating between languages and cultures at the same time, so you can use one font for multiple font systems. The Typodarium 2020 therefore shows the latest font trends, the “weirdest” display types, the latest bread fonts and other proofs of the vital type community as well as a bi-script font family every Sunday. A writing system for diplomacy and tolerance. A writing system that brings down the walls in concrete heads and tears down political or military boundaries. There are differences between Arabic and Hebrew, Japanese and Latin, but visually there are also many similarities. Communication overcomes borders. Communication needs writing. Type designers react to the wishes of their customers. And these customers from business and society think more globally and further than some headlines might suggest. The Sundays of the Typodarium 2020 define the silver lining on the time horizon: We are one world! The front pages of the Typodarium turn it into a calendar, while the back pages, on the other hand, are a current font sample book camouflaged as a calendar. If you like a font very much, but you don’t see any possibility to use it at the moment, you might want to keep the font cheat sheet. Because that’s the way many people do it, we have packed the typodarium in a solid collection box. In the course of the year, you will collect your typo inspiration here, always ready for use, because of course the font designer and source are on the back as well as a sample alphabet and information about the degree of development of the font.
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