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Still life & advertising photographer Niklas ALM c/o SÖDERBERG AGENTUR works in the area of film for Electrolux Ideas Lab and IKANO Bank

Niklas ALM c/o SÖDERBERG AGENTUR is famous for his elaborate stills and food creations in the area of print. DOP Niklas realized the trailer for the Electrolux Ideas Lab campaign for Jung Relations (Post Production: Odd Shades) and a magnificent commercial with babies as bankers was realized by him as DOP for IKANO BANK and the agency Doe Blomberg Gottbert.

Still life and advertising photographer Niklas Alm started exploring the world of photography as a kid in his parents darkroom. Since 2001, his graphic yet playful style has been frequent in both editorials and advertising campaigns for clients such as Adidas, Amnesty, Bosch, Samsung, DV, Plaza Magazine and Residence. His passion for creating interesting environments and images with a character of their own is seen in most of his work as he mixes his analog set design with the computer generated.
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Animated IKEA motifs by Elias KLINGÉN c/o SÖDERBERG AGENTUR

SÖDERBERG AGENTUR presents animated works for IKEA by Elias Klingén, 3D artist, retoucher & motion artist from Stockholm. "My passion in life is digital art, I always try to learn new software and improve my techniques.  My work is defined by strong compositions, attention to detail and photorealism."
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Swedish photographer and filmmaker Kristofer SAMUELSSON c/o SÖDERBERG AGENTUR shoots commercials for SUNTARBETSLIV & FORSKNING

SÖDERBERG AGENTUR presents here on GoSee the latest spots realized by photographer, filmmaker and Creative Director Kristofer SAMUELSSON.

Kristofer Samuelsson is a creative advertising and portrait photographer with a strategic background of working closely with clients throughout the process. Commitment, sensitivity and a keen interest in other people is the basis of a staged but natural visual expression that creates a positive impact in advertising. With a strong and experienced network consisting of production agencies, picture editors, assistants and stylists, and not least working closely with his production manager, Kristofer can effectively assist customers with both simple and advanced productions.

His clients include well renowned brands like ICA, Granath HAVAS, BMW, Coca Cola, Familjen Pangea, Göteborgsposten, Norwegian, Intellecta, Spoon, SKANSKA, ST, BMW Magazine, BCG, Skoda, Planeta Design, JUNG Relations, Process, Johnér, KTH, PMJ Artistgruppen, Appelberg.

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