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serviceplan group for innovative communication - The Serviceplan Group is the largest and most diversified owner-managed and partner-managed agency group in Europe. Ever since it was founded in 1970 as a straightforward...

location // München



UBOOKER • Diana Dietrich | Co-Founder

“Many people might be used to using a phone to order a meal or book a reservation, but a new service is bringing that same thinking to the modeling industry. UBooker uses a web site to connect models and clients online, and...

categories //  FREELANCE
location // London

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deepblueretouching • Mauro Mancuso | Post production

categories //  RETOUCH
location // Melbourne



EuroConnection South Africa • Julie Van Damme Lagoe | Founder | film & photographic agency | radio host!

One of the first European Production service companies based in Cape Town!
The company collaborates with advertisement agencies, clients, photographers and other creative players from around the world.

With 20 years of...

location // Cape Town Johannesburg

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MAD EYE • Dirk Behrend | CEO, Production Design, Creative Director

location // Berlin Hamburg



Lydia Castejon • Lydia Castejon | Hair & Make-up

categories //  HAIR MAKE-UP
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Graham Lucas Commons | Owner/Photographer

Graham is an advertising and commercial photographer specialising in people, portraits and the built environment. He does not see these varied subjects as obstacles to a uniformed vision, however. Instead, he focuses on the...

location // London Hamburg



Jasmin Daouiji

categories //  STYLING SET DESIGN
location // Hamburg



Longsleeve Productions | Producer

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Studio Chérie PRODUCTION

Chérie offers two professional rental studios for photography, video and events in Berlin Neukölln, just steps away from Hermannplatz and the Landwehrkanal. Located on the 3rd and 4th floor of an industrial building, these...

location // Berlin Berlin

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Jorg Rozier | Photographer & Cinematographer

Jorg Rozier is a photographer and cinematographer based in the Netherlands. In the past few years, Jorg has travelled around the world to make campaign films for several fashion labels. He avoids making just another picture or...

categories //  DIRECTOR D.O.P. FASHION
location // Amsterdam München



Kavak  | Owner

I'm kavak, a fashion photographer & image maker based in Paris - France.

location // Paris



BOz • Boris Zbikowski | Stylist

categories //  STILLS
location // Berlin



Vodafone • Beate Hasenzahl | Marketing Manager

categories //  MARKETING
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Travel + Leisure Magazine • Katie Dunn | Photo Director

categories //  PRINT MAG ONLINE MAG
location // New York