Back to front vs inside out! – Karsten WEGENER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographs for the interior concept store HOTEL ULTRA

“Design products are our guests,” according to HOTEL ULTRA, the Berlin-based concept store & online shop for unusual interior furnishings, accessories & books. Karsten WEGENER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN once again photographed the motifs presented here on GoSee. Hotel Ultra adds: “Our guests are select products by international designers and brands that check in here at Hotel ULTRA and wait to check out together with you.”

The hotel concept and the fluctuation of guests it brings with it are designed to offer customers a high-quality, multifaceted assortment and a unique shopping experience which always remains flexible and surprising. They will also gladly help you to refurnish or redesign existing rooms, adapt to new surroundings or change your style of living.

You’ll find HOTEL ULTRA of course in Berlin, namely on Torstrasse, the trendy epicenter of good taste. GoSee:
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