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featured by bigshrimp Hamburg GmbH : Once upon a time... bigshrimp Hamburg produces the MONTBLANC Timepieces brochure on commission for the agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH

For the agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH, Hamburg-based production company BIGSHRIMP produced the MONTBLANC Timepieces brochure presented on GoSee in Hamburg. Creatives from the agency included Florian Neuber and Mirjam Wagner, and SOLOMON WINTER was responsible for art buying. The motifs were photographed by Roman GOEBEL with styling by Niki PAULS, both artists c/o SHOTVIEW.
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SOLOMON I WINTER supports ART BUYING for the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere and its trip to Chile on the hand of star photographer Dennis Leupold to find himself in magical destinations

SOLOMON I WINTER took care of art buying for the global 1858 Montblanc campaign, which was photographed by Cyrill Matter c/o Rene Hauser. As the testimonial for the campaign, SOLOMON I WINTER cast star fashion photographer Dennis Leupold, who whisks you away on inspirational journey into the breathtaking nature of Chile. The motifs are appearing online and as ad motifs. The film was produced by Radical Media, with creation by Jung von Matt. As a sought-after photographer, Dennis Leupold is always on the road: He jets from LA via London to New York to photograph celebrities such as Rihanna, Chloë Grace Moretz or Margot Robbie.

For MONTBLANC, Dennis Leupold took it to Chile, in the southwest of Santiago, in the midst of a breathtaking, richly contrasted natural backdrop – at a fog-drenched lagoon against an impressive snow-capped mountainside. He talks about how important it is to stop for a moment and take the time to find yourself. "Sometimes, I just have to take a break. Go somewhere. Travel. Be alone with myself and nature."

Originally from Germany, Leupold moved to New York in his early twenties and then to LA ten years later. He likes to leave the city behind and seek out new things. "I like to discover my own paths in nature".

"We are here in Chile, but somehow it feels like the end of the world. And yet, it is beautiful because there's a feeling of unpolished authenticity". It is precisely this authenticity that Dennis Leupold absorbs and transfers to his photographs. "I think that one should dedicate oneself to art, or everything that one does in life, authentically. That's why I like nature so much because it's one of the most authentic things of all," he says.

Made for the 160th anniversary of Minerva, Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition honors the most outstanding mountaineers with an innovative watch of the highest professional standard. Developed for those who travel around the world driven by their tireless thirst for discovery, it is an homage to genuine alpinists as it is dedicated to the Seven Summits Challenge, the holy grail of mountaineering. The new MONTBLANC1858 Geosphere accompanied Dennis Leupold on his trip to Chile. GoSee:
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"Experience your WOW today" - Hamburg-based agency SOLOMON I WINTER supports art buying for the ultimative Crunchips WOW

"Brilliant looks, ultimate pleasure, a giant variety – simply: the most intense chips the snack world has ever eaten. With extremely hot or ultimately spicy flavor, Crunchips WOW gives you the maximum WOW effect!" The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co KG Germany on the latest chip creation in its assortment. The idea behind the CLP campaign came from Hamburg-based agency Pahnke Markenmacherei. Art buying came from SOLOMON I WINTER, who booked Klaus Merz c/o Klein Photographen to stage the WoW effect as strikingly as possible.

Lorenz Snack-World is an independent family business and one of the leading suppliers in the European snack market. The company distributes chips, pretzel sticks, flips, crackers, and nuts in over 80 countries around the world. GoSee:
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