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Art buying for Montblanc Star Legacy campaign in China by SOLOMON I WINTER

SOLOMON I WINTER was in charge of art buying for the MONTBLANC STAR LEGACY campaign in China. Production took place in Hamburg, and behind the camera stood Ragnar SCHMUCK c/o NERGER M&O from Berlin. Creation was in the hands of Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH. The models were styled by Irina Sladkowski c/o Liganord.

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Art buying for the international MONTBLANC leather and writing instrument brochure by SOLOMON WINTER

SOLOMON I WINTER took care of art buying for the global MONTBLANC leather and writing instrument brochure. Creation was in the hands of creative agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH in Hamburg. Fashion & lifestyle photographer Roman Göbel c/o SHOTVIEW staged the motifs in different spots across Berlin. Fashion styling was taken care of by Niki PAULS, also c/o SHOTVIEW.

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SOLOMON I WINTER in charge of art buying for the MONTBLANC Star Walker campaign with former astronaut Leroy Chiao for Jung von Matt/Next Alster

For the client MONTBLANC, SOLOMON I WINTER researched worldwide to find artists who tell astronauts' stories about what they miss most on Earth when traveling through space with the new writing instrument from the Montblanc Star Walker Collection. Artist and illustrator JaeHoon Choi from South Korea created a global campaign visual with the Star Walker pen as well as two films. Post production was taken care of by Harvest, with creative direction from the quill of Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH.

“In a fast-paced world like ours, it can be easy to forget how precious and magnificent the earth is. From outer space, it takes on a breathtaking beauty; a view reminding everyone to reconnect with our blue planet. The most unique insights of our planet come from those who have experienced space exploration first hand.

This year, we accompanied former astronaut Leroy Chiao to celebrate the inimitable moment when a space traveller gazes back at earth. The magical blue aura of the earth made him think about what he missed most on our beautiful planet.

Leroy Chiao is one of the few people lucky enough to have experienced the wonder of space and witnessed the beauty of earth from orbit. As a young boy, he already watched the first moon landing on television at home. He later spent a total of 229 days in space on four missions; one of which even as Commander of the International Space Station.”

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