featured by Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter : LAVICO S/S ‘20 fashion collection featuring male model Linus Wordemann in Sicily - photos by SACHA TASSILO HöCHSTETTER

Fashion photographer SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER photographed the latest S/S ‘20 campaign for Shanghai brand LAVICO in Sicily. In front of his camera stood male model Linus Wordemann. Production was in the hands of GoSee member SPEEDBALL PRODUCTION with Vlens Mueller-Feller and grooming by Stefan KEHL c/o FAME AGENCY.
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featured by BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS : Above the rooftops of Palermo for BALDESSARINI - photos by Daniel SUHRE c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS

Daniel SUHRE c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS photographed for men’s fashion client BALDESSARINI in Palermo, the capital of the Italian island of Sicily. Baldessarini, founded in 1993, is a men's fashion brand of the upper price range and was named after fashion designer and former Hugo-Boss employee Werner Baldessarini. After Baldessarini was first listed as a premium brand in the Hugo Boss portfolio, it has belonged to Ahlers AG in Herford since 2006 and has been run without Werner Baldessarini since the end of 2007. On set for production during the shoot was SPEEDBALL PRODUCTION. GoSee :
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featured by WILDFOX RUNNING : Garmisch : inspiration from the past – the BMW Design campaign photographed by Stefan MILEV C/O WILDFOX RUNNING in Austria

'Garmisch – inspiration from the past. BMW has always been inspired and influenced by Italian design. At this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW highlights this tradition of cultural exchange with the #BMWGarmisch, the recreation of a show car drawn and developed 50 years ago by design visionary #marcellogandini – it was a pleasure, thank you all!' says Stefan MILEV C/O WILDFOX RUNNING, who staged the vehicle with his typical elegant signature. GoSee member SPEEDBALL PRODUCTIONS took care of production.

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