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NEW : Bernhard Spoettel, transportation, people & landscapes; motorsport up close – the AUDI SPORT 2017 Calendar with dynamic dolly shots and an exciting racing team

New at GoSee is BERNAHRD SPOETTEL, who has successfully realized campaigns and action-packed projects in the area of transportation for many years. His savvy for technical innovations finds expression in his passion for perfection and precision, particularly when dealing with the faster models – in works which are down to earth and show a love of nature. Alongside the physical areas of cycling, racing and motorsport, Bernhard shoots quiet landscapes, but also athletes and classic people photos. During his career spanning more than 25 years, he has worked for several big brands.

LEAGUE OF PERFORMANCE – the AUDI MOTORSPORT 2017 CALENDAR : BERNAHRD SPOETTEL regularly realizes the AUDI MOTORSPORT Calendar with dynamic imagery. And the 2017 Calendar was also realized by him with elaborate visuals: motion studies of AUDI racers using CGI and photos are mixed with scenes of the Audi Sport Team at races. Motorsport so close you can almost hear it! For this production, Bernhard Spoettel once again put his trust in the team from RECOM, with which he has also realized CGI projects.
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