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news | SPREAD FILMS realizes a recruiting film for BTV BANK, in which employees are visualized as members of an orchestra with instruments

“The BTV employees are like members of an orchestra – we only sound good together' – the topic of the commercial realized by SPREAD FILMS for client BTV. Because music is a form of communication which brings together cultures and countries. An instrument can be impressively multifaceted and inspire entire concert halls. A whole orchestra takes these possibilities and sound worlds to an entirely different level. The new recruiting film presents the sceneries and working environments at BTV Bank with musical instruments – and all of the instruments/different tasks make up an orchestral masterpiece together which represents BTV. The instruments seem to levitate in space, as if the musicians were invisible. At the end of the film, one suddenly becomes visible, indicating that more employees are wanted to form the orchestra.”

“Whoever is ready and willing can give it a shot. That's what BTV stands for as an employer,” says Gerhard Burtscher, BTV CEO. Details are available via BTV...

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