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Steffen Schrägle takes us along on cycling trips to Majorca, Lesotho, Dublin and the French Alps

Whether riding along quiet mountain roads or coastal roads in Majorca, mountain biking the Afriski bike park in Lesotho, following bike messengers around Dublin, or shredding in the French Alps at a DH camp – Steffen SCHRÄGLE enjoys documenting his passion for cycling by photographing anything on two wheels. Follow a few of his journeys here on GoSee.
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Atomic City, Idaho - reportage by Steffen Schrägle

“And in another remote part of the world…on a recent shoot trip in the western U.S., Steffen unexpectedly found himself in Atomic City, Idaho—where the world's first fatal nuclear explosion took place in 1961. With the snowy gray sky, this eerie town looked especially desolate as – if the accident had just happened and only a bar and a few houses still remained.”
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'Roads Not Taken' - a trip to the deserted streets of Lesotho - a road reportage by Steffen Schrägle

Steffen also photographed some amazing roads in Lesotho – the independent country surrounded by South Africa. The series is named “Roads Not Taken” because most locals travel on foot or in the occasional taxi – making traffic quite sparse in rural Lesotho.
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