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'The Sculptor's Muse' for L’Officiel Suisse - editorial and film by Stephan GLATHE

Against the backdrop of a sculptor's workshop in Italy, Stephan Glathe photographed model Magdalena Chachlica from Modelwerk for L'OFFICIEL Suisse. Styling was taken care of by Susi Bauer, with hair & make-up by Kerstin Hajdu. Created along with the fashion story for the print titles was a film in cooperation with wittel & weisser fashion cinematography, which we are delighted to present you here on GoSee.
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'Autumn Serenade' with Magdalena Chachlica in FACTICE magazine by Stephan Glathe

Even though the colors of last autumn are now a mere blur in our memory, we present you Stephan GLATHE's stylish fall romance 'Autumn Serenade' here on GoSee, which appeared in FACTICE MAGAZINE. In front of his camera stood Magdalena Chachlica, with styling by Susi Bauer, and hair & make-up by Kerstin Hajdu. Created in parallel to the shoot was a film, which we are also delighted to bring you.
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ELLE Hungary editorial with Milou Groenewoud from ULLA Models by Stephan Glathe

For ELLE Hungary, Stephan Glathe staged enchanting Milou Groenewoud from ULLA models in looks from elegant to sensual.
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