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21Agency • Frank Stattler

The Duesseldorf based agency, established in 2001, delivers high quality services within the advertising and fashion business.
With twentyfive years of experience the booking team supports their clients with a growing...

location // Düsseldorf Köln

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Studio Kapfer • Stefan Kapfer

categories //  BEAUTY VIP FASHION
location // Düsseldorf



Norbert Cheminel • Norbert Cheminel | Visagiste

categories //  HAIR MAKE-UP
location // Berlin



Rolf Buck

categories //  STYLING SET DESIGN
location // Düsseldorf



Mara Sommer • Mara Sommer | Photographer

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Orion Dahlmann • Orion Dahlmann

location // GERMANY Düsseldorf

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TAKE Agency • Simon Reinitzer

Simon Reinitzer's TAKE Agency represents national and international photographers, focusing on fashion, portrait and people photography. TAKE Agency is synonymous with outstanding photographic quality, a personal service for...

categories //  PHOTO AGENCY
location // Hamburg

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VISUALEYES ARTISTS • Natalija Fallocca-Bajric

location // Vienna Zurich

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Eyewear Magazine • Jana Wenge

categories //  PRINT MAG
location // Köln



Rockenfeller & Göbels • Doro Göbels

Rockenfeller & Göbels represents photographers with an outstanding image language and professional experience. The agency operates worldwide for advertising agencies, editorials and direct costumers with the in each case...

categories //  PHOTO AGENCY
location // Düsseldorf

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Sleek Magazine • Christian  Bracht | CEO

categories //  PRINT MAG
location // Berlin New York

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Plaza Magazine

Plaza Magazine International is an international publication, focusing on design, interior decoration and fashion with a "hip" Scandinavian perspective. Plaza Magazine is published 6 times per year by Plaza Publishing Group...

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HELGE KIRCHBERGER Photography | Photography

location // Salzburg

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