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EYEWEAR MAGAZINE, W & LOOXX MAG - fashion production retouched by Stephanie Wencek Postdesign

The expand her portfolio, Stephanie Wencek teamed up with Karsten Klask from postroom to create something completely new : look development + beauty retouch work + location! That way, they can create the perfect atmospheres to support clients. The first result: a spread for LOOXX magazine, which was shot by Orion Dahlmann.

We also present you here on GoSee editorials for EYEWEAR MAGAZINE and French W MAG (styling & direction: Veronique Droulez, model: Marie Belle Seminell), which were given the final touches by Stephanie Wencek (look development & post production).
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Beauty editorial in the 74 HAIR BIBLE and LONGLASH campaign for Ommmm Cosmetics - retouch by Stephanie Wencek Postdesign

Stefan Kapfer photographed model Melina Sarah for a beauty editorial in 74 HAIR BIBLE. In charge of hair was Susanne Marx, with make-up by Tanja Kern. Stephanie Wencek perfected the filigree structures in the final finishing phase.

'The Magic of the Moment'. Without magic but equally reliable and with lots & lots of natural flair, Longlash by OMMMM COSMETICS makes eyelashes longer and fuller. The LONGLASH beauty campaign for fuller eyelashes, which was photographed by Patrizio di Renzo, was also retouched by Stephanie Wencek.
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