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Stillstars : Creative stills for Roos & Roos perfumery, Lakrids by Bülow – luxury liquorice and chocolate, minimalism for ROLF BENZ, stills for van Laack, MADAME & DOUGLAS, cookbook 'VET', interior for VT WONEN, and CGI for Mutina Accents Ceramics

Michael Brunn c/o Stillstars staged the new exclusive fragrance 'In the wood for love' in the great outdoors for Paris-based perfume house Roos & Roos, while Lars Ranek c/o Stillstars cleverly photographed sweet delicacies for licorice specialist Johann Bülow.

Cleo Scheulderman c/o Stillstars took care of interior styling for the spread in VT Wonen, photographed by Jeroen van der Spek c/o STILLSTARS.

Bernd Westphal c/o Stillstars photographed shirts for the traditional company van Laack. Bold clean lines backed by a masterful blue mark – Bernd Westphal's signature is omnipresent in his latest commission for van Laack (Creative Director: Henrik Mielicke).

Stunning as ever! Masterful lessons in minimalism from our Heidi Lerkenfeldt and latest CGI Stillstar Sigurd Høyen, for Rolf Benz (styling: Pernille West) and Sigurd Høyen c/o Stillstars used CGI for the client Mutina Accents Ceramics.

Maaike Koorman c/o STILLSTARS took care of creative direction & styling for Bas Robben's cookbook "Vet", which was photographed by Jeroen van der Spek c/o STILLSTARS (foodstyling: Jessica Lek). Maaike Koorman's wonderfully true and uncontrived sense of "home" is unmistakably part of her in-demand signature. Here for award-winning author Bas Robben's latest cookbook "Vet".

The fascinating intrigue of Karolin Helou’s strong artistic style always catches you by surprise. Here is her latest brilliant overture for MADAME magazine.

Götz Sommer c/o Stillstars photographed stills for DOUGLAS (styling: Kirsten Schmidt), Stephan Gustavus c/o Stillstars for the autumn magazine of CHRIST, and Jan Herbolsheimer shows us how to make a "ravioli burger".
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MIELE vacuum cleaner motifs for the agency McCann - photos by Maik ROSITZKI c/o STILLSTARS

"His ability to capture fascinating new perspectives on things we've seen a thousand times made Maik Rositzki the obvious choice for Miele." says STILLSTARS about the choice of photographer Maik ROSITZKI for the latest MIELE motifs by the agency McCann. On set for styling was Kirsten BENOUFA c/o LIGAWEST.
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The animated book GIF for Foundation for Prussian Cultural Heritage by photographer Bernd WESTPHAL c/o STILLSTARS

Revealed beneath the sands of time... photographer Bernd WESTPHAL c/o STILLSTARS invites us to discover the Foundation for Prussian Cultural Heritage in his latest work. Client: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, agency: Peter Schmidt Group & CD: Bettina Schürmann, setdesign: Dirk Drevenstedt.
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