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featured by JULIA WALDMANN : RHEINENERGIE people shoot with Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN for the agency Meiré und Meiré

The energy world is in transition – customers are changing, and so is the market. As one of the leading regional power and water utility companies, RheinEnergie is helping to shape this transition. The latest campaign was photographed by Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN for the agency Meiré und Meiré. Post production of the people motifs was in the hands of GoSee member SUBLIME.
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Sublime Postproduction : RAMP MAGAZINE fashion special with the Porsche 718 Caymann GTS and fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick

Car magazine RAMP presents fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick with a Porsche. Post production was taken care of by SUBLIME. "Sublime was commissioned to work on an exciting fashion/car advertorial project featuring the Porsche 718 Caymann GTS with the Porsche 911 and starring celebrity fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick."

The special was photographed by Alexandra Kinga Fekete c/o COSMOPOLA, who together with Thorsten Osterberger was also in charge of concept and production. And with Christian Brach, Thorsten also took care of styling. For hair & make-up on the elaborate set was Stefan Kehl c/o FAME AGENCY, and alongside the blogger, male model Benjamin Kühnemund cut quite a dash.
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SUBLIME-POSTPRODUCTION takes care of retouch work for the 'HORNBACH SAYS SORRY' campaign by Heimat and photographer Markus Mueller

For the new Summer campaign of HORNBACH, Sublime was brought on board again for post production. The latest collaboration of photographer and GoSee member Markus Mueller with advertising agency Heimat and SUBLIME is just as convincing with its extraordinary result. Responsible for the humorous, creative concept of 'Hornbach Says Sorry', was Creative Director Felix Pfannmüller. The DIY store chain which popular also because of its ads say sorry for its wide range of goods. The motifs were produced with the help of GoSee member CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTION.
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