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news | 'Between me and myself there is only me' Susanne Junker presents 'Portrait-Parole' at WhyWhyArt in Nanjing – her exclusive travel report in search of feminist zeitgeist in 2017 in China and the art city Shanghai

At the beginning of December, Susanne Junker flew to Shanghai. She was invited to participate in an exhibition on "Comparative Feminism" which was initiated and organized by the WhyWhyArt Art Center in Nanjing. How do you get a job like that? Does feminism exist in China? What is WhyWhyArt all about? And where is Nanjing located? Quite intriguing questions for GoSee – and here is the exclusive travelogue by the photographer/curator, and last but not least, GoSee friend for you on GoSee.

"At least as far as Shanghai is concerned, I am an old hand. I lived there from 2004 for more than 10 years and witnessed a rapid change. The aughts in Shanghai were wild and free. Everything was new, and there was room for everything and everyone in a society that started to reshuffle, invent and establish itself. In 2007, I founded a non-profit art space in Shanghai, the "stage候台BACK"
In best Brooklyn underground fashion, this all happened in a shabby warehouse, sprayed with graffiti and...

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