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About Taylor James

We are passionate about producing creative campaigns of the highest standards across print, interactive & broadcast media, in partnership with global agencies & brands. Through the seamless integration of CGI, live action, photography and post-production in-house, we can deliver integrated solutions for any visual campaign. An understanding of ‘the rules of realism’ and attention to the finest details are core principles that uphold our work across stills and animation. Fuelled by innovative storytelling, we have the capacity to originate concepts and direct creative that pushes technical boundaries, turning any idea into a reality. We’ve paved our way through creating photorealistic stills to the highest standards for advertising agencies, photographers and brands around the world. The complexity, detail and creative calibre of our work has won us many awards. Carrying our robust processes into the world of motion, we apply the same attention to detail in all our CGI, photography, live-action, VFX and creative post-production work.

We’ve been working to massive pixel dimensions for over a decade. With our foundations rooted in photographic retouching, the complexity and detail of our work is second to none. We apply the same meticulous attention to our motion work and are experts in delivering multi-platform campaigns. Our robust production methods, unique CGI pipeline and the close client relationships we build ensure that every project is a rewarding experience.

Our History - Founded by Glen Taylor in 1999, in the last ten years we have successfully delivered thousands of projects around the world, giving us the knowledge and experience to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best creative studios in the world. Having initially been founded as a photographic retouch-studio, we gradually become known as London’s leading post-production house, cementing our reputation amongst our peers.

We’ve seen many changes in the advertising industry, with the digital revolution having transformed the face of the adverting industry, most notably with the impact of CGI on traditional print and broadcast productions; we’ve always innovated and stayed at the forefront of creative production. Having exploited the technical and creative possibilities of CGI, it now dominates our direction, seamlessly integrating this almost limitless technique with traditional production and post-production methods. We see the re-use of digital assets across multiple platforms as a valuable and cost-effective way for a brand to realise the full impact of any campaign.

We expanded to enhance our servicing of international clients in 2011, establishing a studio in New York City. Glen Taylor is spear-heading this latest venture and spends the majority of his time there, although you'll still see him around the London office from time to time. Much of our work has always come from US clients, so from this natural progression we are developing a production studio that can be seamlessly integrated with the London studio as well as delivering independent productions.

The Directors
Glen Taylor, President & Founder - Glen built a successful career in retouching before, in 1999, he founded Taylor James to provide hi-end creative post-production and explore other creative passions. He is currently spearheading the growth of the New York studio as the business exploits new avenues and stays at the cutting edge of creative production.

Brendan Haley, Creative Director - Brendan joined Taylor James in 2001 as a Senior Retoucher and Studio Manager, and has been a catalyst for much of the success of the business’s growth. As Creative Director, he oversees the creative calibre and handling of projects from inception to final delivery.

Siear Waizy, CGI Director - With over 13 years of experience within the CGI industry, Siear joined in 2006 and is responsible for overseeing the technical production and quality standards of all elements of CGI and live-action production at Taylor James.

Anna Roberts, General Manager, Director - Anna joined Taylor James in 2008 to build on the company’s foundations and take it through its rapid and continued expansion. With a background in professional business management and the advertising photography industry, she is involved in all business operations, including strategic business development, marketing, finance and legal.