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TAYLOR JAMES : Nissan GT-R – Born Bad Made Good
The Nissan GT-R v3 “Born Bad Made GOOD” campaign is one we are proud to have worked on — we are admirers of automotive photographer, Sjoerd Ten Kate and the Nissan GT-R v3. We used Digital Scouting and the supplied 3D data to explore possible lensing and height options for the three shots, allowing Sjoerd, the agency, and the client to visualize the final compositions before going to the actual shoot. The main shot for this series was the rear shot: we emphasized the rear lights on the right of the frame while fading the left into near darkness. This allowed the development of the “Born Bad Made GOOD” logo utilizing the car lights to form the “OO” in GOOD. Each of the shots took shape — our retouchers combining multiple exposures shot to make the car sing in the gritty industrial environment. We believe these shots make a series that show this iconic supercar at it’s very best. © // 2 files // show complete blog
IMAGE // Nissan GT-R – Born Bad Made Good
IMAGE // Nissan GT-R – Born Bad Made Good
Trojan Cow by TAYLOR JAMES
Together with Bader Rutter, we created this Trojan Cow to illustrate the problems of having unvaccinated cows in your herd – it takes only one to infect the whole herd. In the concept phase we explored the scale, flow and positioning of the wooden planks to best define the cow’s body. A variety of materials were incorporated to make the cow visually interesting; various textures of the wood, rope and metals were tested so we could use the ones that best integrated  into the natural environment. Read more on © // 1 file // show complete blog
IMAGE // Trojan Cow