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'Dell Elves' - the animated commercial from TAYLOR JAMES for Dell Technologies and Y&R

TAYLOR JAMES presents on GoSee their latest commercial for DELL, for which there were one or two challenges which they share with you here: “How can you digitally transform your business? It doesn’t take magic, it takes the world’s most trusted enterprise technology company, Dell Technologies. In partnership with Dell and their creative agency, Y&R, we created the “Elves” spot to show what can happen when businesses go with the alternative digital solutions. Watch the full spot above and take a look how it all came together below. Our concept artists created a wide array of characters, many of whom resemble different personalities that could be found in a typical office...

The overarching mood of the brief: HAVE FUN! The characters where disorganized, uncoordinated, nonchalant and liberal with their magic dust. We wanted each elf to have its own unique personality. From cartwheels to rolls, and elves sliding down poles, each elf is designed to have whimsy and charm without overshadowing the narrative.

One of the biggest challenges was the glitter. The elves are much smaller characters and therefore the glitter they throw has a different dynamic property than normal, human glitter. Ensuring their actions felt plausible while making the glitter noticeable was especially tricky. We created a vast array of customizable and reactionary glitter particle simulations. From the sneezing lady to the shelve falling, all required a keen eye for dynamics and particle movement.”
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'Built to Mow the Distance' - live action and CGI in the new lawnmower commercial for GRAVELY from Taylor James for Cramer-Krasselt

TAYLOR JAMES was on a creative mission for the lawnmower manufacturer Gravely: “When you use a mower, you can put thousands of miles on it without even realizing it. That’s why Gravely makes commercial mowers that are built to go the distance, season after season. Teaming up with Cramer-Krasselt, we created a spot for Gravely’s commercial lawnmower, combining live action and CGI to show the Gravely mower going the distance.”
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Taylor James : the animation and post production studio opens a German office with Knut Buhren (Director Client Services) and Libor Tesacek (Exec. Producer) - plus, meet them in person at UPDATE BERLIN 2017

The international creative production house TAYLOR JAMES keeps on expanding and just opened its first German branch office in Berlin. Next to LA, Detroit, New York and London – the now fifth address of Taylor James worldwide is led by Knut Buhren as Director Client Services and Libor Tesacek as Executive Producer in the German capital. How to realize the best stories visually is shared with us by the team of designers, filmmakers, producers and artists – and that at UPDATE17BERLIN this fall too.

“Ever since its foundation more than two decades ago, Taylor James has cooperated with creative agencies from Germany,”  Glen Taylor, Founder/CEO of Taylor James, tells us. “Now we have a local team that exactly knows the culture and market needs. Having an office in Berlin enables us to be the best production partner for our clients.”

For more than 20 years, Buhren has worked successfully in various roles in the advertising industry and advanced from producer to Managing Director. “Taylor James stands for creativity and the highest quality in all markets and sectors” Buhren tells us. “There are endless ways to tell a story, and our unique pool of talents, with the vast expertise they bring with them, guarantees that every project is realized both creatively and artistically. We look forward to deepening existing relationships and exploring new creative possibilities in Germany.”

Tesacek has worked in the film and advertising industry for 13 years and brings comprehensive experience for realizing creative ideas with him. “Taylor James brings the skills and the expertise of a global creative network to the most creative city in all of Europe. I cannot imagine a better place for Taylor James than Berlin. I can hardly wait to realize strong and artistic stories for our local clients in Germany.”

As a teaser, we present you the latest CHARACTER REEL from TAYLOR JAMES.

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