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news | 'Take a Deep Breath' – the new Peugeot commercial by Belgian creative agency SATISFACTION, for which Director John Israel blends the past with the present and future

“Peugeot pulls the covers off its all-new 2008 SUV, which features the normal range of gasoline and diesel engines – but crucially, a brand-new, all-electric powertrain. A car with an urban pedigree which can whisk you away to explore outside the city.

Our team has translated this positioning into a revealing movie in phases with a strong emphasis on personal freedom. 'Take a Deep Breath' is about triggering moments of freedom. Moments when you let your instinct take control, defy reason and give your senses a ride to remember. This film playfully blends the past, present and future – conveying these moments we all have in our lives.”

Philosophy – There is more than one way to achieve a communication objective, whether as a brand narrative or in a more specific campaign. At Satisfaction, we are guided by the principle of elevating the organizations we work for and their consumers through meaningful messages and decent creation. A service in which true satisfaction is also...

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