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news | featured by GoSee FASHION : Sustainability, trends and environmental activism: Welcome to the online fashion platform STAIY – because transition in fashion is starting now!

STAIY is an online fashion platform which exclusively curates sustainable brands – combining sustainability, trends and environmental activism in a exhilaratingly multifaceted and technological approach. STAIY challenges the status quo of the online fashion industry, which is in need of a change for the better.

The overarching mission of STAIY is to accelerate the transition toward sustainable fashion and thus minimize its ecological footprint – for a sustainable future. The platform guides its customers on a responsible path and creates the basis for a seamless transition to more conscious shopping behavior – without compromising style consciousness.

STAIY offers sustainable fashion brands a cutting-edge platform that reaches the modern consumer, supporting low environmental impact, ethical production and mindful fashion without sacrificing technological progress in the shopping experience. The platform launched on the European market in November 2019. Its founders are four young...

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