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blog | SPARBAR - The ultimate underdog story

Boxing stands for the original duel man against man. Tough, but fair. The impressive combination of dynamics, punch and steadfastness as well as class, honor and fame has long since developed into a lifestyle.

“All the greatest fighters current and past have one thing in common, they all came from humble beginnings and faced adversity just like SPARBAR,“ says London-based Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill. He is an innovator in boxing, MMA and fitness training equipment. The SPARBAR Pro device quickly became a global viral sensation with the concept of training with a simulation of a human sparring partner. The intuitive boxing training attracted celebrity users such as Anthony Joshua, Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor, Roy Jones Jr, Usher, Kevin Hart, Michael Bisping, and Jon "Bones" Jones, amongst others. Jazz went through the hardships of entrepreneurship when he went from idea to market the product.

“Our entrepreneurial journey went through processes similar to those when you become a...

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