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SPARBAR® – The evolution of fitness
SPARBAR fuels a never before-seen hype around boxing, which is all about practising punching and defensive skills intuitively and with fun - suitable for anyone no matter what age, gender or fitness level.

SPARBAR is not only revolutionizing combat sports, but makes boxing as a sport accessible to everyone. Highest user interaction teaches core offensive and defensive skills, hand-eye coordination, footwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy, timing and power.

SPARBAR is the inventor of the boxing, MMA and fitness training device that goes by the same name, which quickly became a global sensation. Founded in 2013 and backed by over 20 years of real boxing experience, the brand single handedly became game changers of combat sports training with their innovative concept of training with a simulation of a human sparring partner.

Pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all around the world change their fitness routine with this innovative fitness concept that burns your calories faster than a Cardio program. Kids and newbies to a fitness routine discover SPARBAR as an accessible tool to enjoy a workout that is empowering them.

Keep your guard up - SPARBAR punches back! The human-sized, height-adjustable fitness device works as your boxing coach. It comes with a horizontal punching bar with target markings that will rotate 360° to punch back - move or go into defense, otherwise you will get scabbed right in your face. Stay on your toes, and aim for the head target above the rotating bar.

300 M+ video views were generated by fans of the intuitive boxing training and their celebrity users such as Anthony Joshua, Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor, Roy Jones Jr, Usher, Kevin Hart, Michael Bisping, and Jon "Bones" Jones, to mention but a few.

Now SPARBAR became the most trending home gym experience, while more and more gyms commission the brand to set up a whole boxing area with the intuitive SPARBAR equipment. „On an 8 year journey we grew an organic brand by truly defining innovation, from concept to taking to market,“ says London-based founder Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill.

SPARBAR is a purpose-driven and social brand. Martial arts YouTube sensation Master Wong was commissioned for the SPARBAR kids & youth academy. “We’re dedicated to help develop the next generation of future world champions. Or to simply take the kids out of the streets,” Jazz says. Throughout the UK, currently over 40 kids are provided a free SPARBAR home gym and pro mentoring. Kids such as 13 year old world kickboxing champion, Sandee Muay Thai Champion and K1 British Champion Tiah Ayton and Youth Olympic Gold medallist Karol Itauma, 19, are the heartbeat of SPARBAR, and (unintentionally) became the secret sauce for the social media viral success of the brand.

The SPARBAR journey is one around the focus of a new generation, one of self-empowerment, and inclusive communities. SPARBAR is spearheaded by a passionate & diverse team, and an international Board Advisory, including Roy Jones Jr, considered by many to be one of the best boxers of all time, pound for pound. The brand is officially endorsed by the Atlantic Boxing Hall of Fame.

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Yoga Hub Berlin - hosting a vibrant, diverse & multi-cultural community
"Growing intolerance and attacks on people’s fundamental rights continue to erode the considerable progress achieved over the years, finds FRA’s Fundamental Rights Report 2020. As Europe begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic we see a worsening of existing inequalities and threats to societal cohesion."
Source: FRA European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Dana Federman is the founder of Yoga Hub Berlin, the German capital’s yoga initiative that comes with a strong agenda on inclusiveness.

In 2018 the first studio opened its doors to create an environment of actively letting people of different cultures and backgrounds in, and making them feel welcome. Together, they practice yoga and pilates with international teachers in English, French and other languages, at affordable prices. Tea is being served before and after the sessions on carpets with seat cushions, inviting to get involved in a chat in a quiet and peaceful surrounding.

Yoga Hub Berlin has a different approach than yoga as a lifestyle trend. For Dana, yoga is all about being social in person. Part of the initiative includes offering free classes and teacher training courses to refugees and other underrepresented groups. The new, second studio is extended by a quiet co-working space with a nursery, bringing mums back to business at their own pace. She aims to create a home with her studios.

Dana is following an intrinsic endeavour to overcome fear and hatred, and to support one another. Born and bred in Israel, an upbringing in the Middle East teaches you about tension, she says. After the mandatory military service in Israel, she started travelling, and eventually moved to Berlin in 2015, where she now lives with her husband and daughter, who was born in the year of her first studio opening – An experience that taught her the challenges of handling a baby and work at the same time first hand. Maybe even more so as a mother, the currently rapidly increasing hate and racism tendencies all over the world worry her. Coming from Israel to Berlin enabled her for the first time to work very closely with people from other countries in the Middle East, and to get to know them on a deeper and more personal level. “I enjoyed working with them; we've had many similar interests and we've had such a positive experience so I wanted, as an Israeli, to meet more people from the Middle East, and I want to have more personal interaction with people from different backgrounds in general”, she says.

When her mum sadly passed away from a long battle of cancer in 2017, and following that, experiencing some family related conflicts which created a lot of negative energies and stress in her life she wanted to create in her life more positivity in some way. Dana practices yoga for 20 years, and especially in these times it helped her to have her heart open and let go of worries, and so she decided to create a space where people could free themselves from any negativity in their lives and through yoga and meditation practice and with a supportive atmosphere they could overcome any challenge. Eventually, she founded the first Yoga Hub Berlin studio, with a warm and inviting atmosphere where international people come together and meet on a regular basis. The yoga courses focus on the classic yoga only, such as the traditional Hatha, where the focus is on the body & mind work, that includes a lot of meditation. It helps to be more relaxed, and open minded. Her team at Yoga Hub Berlin follows the same vision of opening up, and the yoga teachers stay around before and after their courses for an open ear, and thus the community development.

Get to know Dana, her team and the community of Yoga Hub Berlin on the occasion of the 2nd Studio Opening Week, including 7 days of free yoga classes and coworking.

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FAROS LINEN - Simply the best summer shirt.
Is there a more relaxed yet sophisticated look than a man in a fine linen shirt?

Well, around the Mediterranean Sea, there isn’t.

Faros Linen brings this unique Mediterranean lifestyle to the world.

Faros Linen stands for the processing of finest European linen into timeless signature shirts for men. It is the only shirt that man needs in summer.

A smart choice for good reasons...

... Fine linen has a natural cooling effect and antibacterial properties. Therefore, there are no sweat stains or odor.

...Linen is a sustainable natural fiber from the flax plant, which is cultivated without artificial irrigation, acts as a natural fertilizer and absorbs ~ 250,000 tonnes of CO2 annually in Europe.

... Faros Linen provides the Mediterranean lifestyle with ease. The signature shirt is ideal for all adventures, always elegant, and yet casual.

Besides: A fine linen shirt is easy to care for. And here’s where fine linen is often misunderstood:

"Once you wear our linen shirts in summer, that's all you ever want and need. The real all rounder works for almost any occasion, is cooling and airy even at high temperatures. Many think linen shirts are hard to care for and need to be ironed all the time: No, that is not at all the case. Our shirts are worn without ironing. Fine linen creases nobly, and that is what makes it so naturally classy. That’s why we show them wrinkled in our online shop. Wrinkled shirts are not for every man, and require some confidence to wear“, says Felix Israel, founder of Faros Linen.

“Wash it, hang it, wear it and easily be well dressed - be it for Zoom, Webex, Skype or go-to meetings. Well, hopefully soon again for restaurants, beach clubs, beaches, festivals, boats and everything else we look forward to every summer. Made from a natural fiber that requires zero irrigation, our linen is also truly sustainable."

The entrepreneur from Berlin loves to spend his summers with friends at the Mediterranean Sea, where the idea of reviving fine linen for men worldwide was born.

The Faros crew have dedicated themselves to the mission of bringing fine linen back into consciousness as a premium material from a niche exists for men's clothing. On this mission, the premium fashion label provides insights into the traditional craftsmanship around the production of certified European linen. The flax from which the fiber is made grows in the Normandy in France, where the best flax is cultivated, combed and prepared for Faros Linen. Cultivation requires enormous knowledge and craftsmanship, passed down through generations in family businesses.

In the Bergamo region of Italy, the flax is spun to become yarn and weaved to become linen. "We work with a well respected Italian fabric supplier, a family business in its fifth generation, which cultivates the most valuable flax in the world and processes it with the masters in Italy," says Felix. The traditional craft remains protected in the regions, so European fine linen is a little more expensive.

Not only the fabric comes from Italy, but also the inspiration and the ambition to develop a masculine, timeless piece. Faros Linen avoids short-lived trends in cut, as well as everything that is unnecessary, such as a neck label that can scratch. Breast pockets are also absent, as they do not contribute to a function or style. Instead, each shirt has a hidden, innovative sunglasses holder. Your most important summer accessory – your sunglasses - is well thought of.

Linen flatters the body. The finest, gently twisted yarns let the shirt breathe, without being transparent. "For us, premium means quality materials and thus durability; a classy tailoring that takes fine linen’s particularities into account, as well as thought-out details in workmanship, such as the sunglasses holder.”

“Our shirts undergo an enzyme wash before they are delivered. This gives you the highly comfortable long-lasting end product right away - ready to wear and never wanting to take it off again," says Felix.

Linen has proven itself as the oldest textile fibre of mankind: Even the ancient Egyptians valued linen for its purity. This fine material was reserved for people of high social status and was even used as a currency. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the material was the most popular choice and used for beautiful draperies.

Yasmina Saleh is Faros Linen’s Art Director. The Egyptian teaches Design & Branding at the German University in Cairo, and is responsible for the City Branding of different destinations in the Middle East, such as Luxor, considered the capital of the world in ancient Egypt, Sharm-el-Sheik, one of the most successful tourist destinations, and also Alexandria, the former home of the Pharos Lighthouse - one of the ancient 7 Wonders of the World and inspiration for the brand name of Faros Linen.

"The Egyptian origin of the material has a special meaning to me. The return to natural aesthetics and a timeless, minimalistic style particularly appeals to me as a designer. My father has always worn linen shirts, and now Faros Linen is his number 1 choice. Although they are actually men's shirts, I love wearing them in summer, which I spend on the north coast of Egypt," says Yasmina.

"Linen is a super fiber. We don't have to reinvent the wheel if there is something like fine linen that combines functionality, style and sustainability. For us it is clear that we’ll exclusively work with the finest of Europe’s linen and even reflect this in our name. To us, less is more, and that's why we only offer one fine linen shirt in different colors," Felix concludes.

Shortly after its launch in 2019, the first Faros Linen collection was completely sold out by boutiques in Los Angeles, California. For summer 2020 the shirts are available in different summer colors with a button-down collar, and soon available with a Mao collar, online at © // 10 files show complete blog