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The Coup opens the market for exclusive real estate projects in Athens and presents Nireos on GoSee: iconic architecture on the Athens Riviera

Nireos by Estia Development is located in Voula on the Athens Riviera, one of the most prestigious and coveted regions in Athens, Greece. The three-part apartment building is based on the concept of a glass house. This maintains transparency and the volume does not appear solid. The aim of the design is for the slabs to appear light. Perforation through organic atria in critical locations allows fresh air and natural lighting to penetrate the building.

Water plays a vital role in the design process, views open directly onto the sea with pools and ponds seamlessly integrated on each floor. The water and mirrors reflect light and the organic forms of the building. The mirrors are used to open up and liberate space. The reflections, the form and the environment all work as parts of one bigger synthesis.

The Coup opens the market for exclusive real estate projects in Athens – a city just ahead of a hype. Find out more under
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The new AI social robot ‘Musio’ is coming to Berlin – the new robot friend that understands, remembers, and interacts with users – on presentation at the DDR Museum, Berlin

After a successful launch in Japan, Musio is now coming to Berlin! The team consisting of developers and AI experts is flying in from Korea to present Musio to journalists and tech bloggers in Berlin. Based on AKA’s AI engine MUSE, Musio is a social robot capable of interacting with people of all ages. Assisted with NLP, vision, and AKA’s rich interactive content ecosystem, Musio aims to meet the world’s growing demand for a robot companion.

Launched in Japan this year, Musio quickly became a no. 1 bestselling social robot. The driving force behind it is the English conversation feature configured through MUSE’s context-aware deep learning algorithm.

Journalist presentation: Thursday, 7 September, 2017, 10 am to 12 pm, St.-Wolfgang-Str. 2, 
10178 Berlin, Big Conference Room, DDR Museum, Accreditation at

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Hangsmart: The Smart Way To Hang Artwork - THE COUP presents you the KICKSTARTER campaign on GoSee

 We've all been there - you've found and framed a new piece of art that you love, but simply can't be bothered to deal with the unpleasant next step of actually hanging it on your wall. What if there were an easier way to hang art that didn't involve levels, at least 2 sets of hands and a wealth of patience?

Read what THE COUP has to say to that: "I'm writing about Hangsmart, a groundbreaking new product launch on Kickstarter today with the support of Absolut Art. Absolut Art's Nahema Metha and Marcus Lado developed Hangsmart, a mounting device that lets you move a framed work after it’s been hung, in tandem with famed Swedish designer Alexander Lervik. The tool requires only two screws, and includes zero leveling. Hangsmart will also ship with 3M adhesive so there is no need to put a hole in the wall! Once mounted, Hangsmart allows you to slide your artwork six inches in any direction – up, down, left or right. No more little pencil marks, fights with your significant other or wildly uneven artwork.

While still in pre-production last year, Hangsmart was recognized by Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards – now, consumers will finally be able to pre-order the device for themselves via Kickstarter. The tool is a continuation of Absolut Art's mission to make it easy for everyone to live with the art they love, from discovery to display."

If your interest has been sparked then Go & See THE CAMPAIGN now on
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