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news | De Tomaso Mangusta – TORSTEN KLINKOW photographs the legendary automobile; we have the result for you on GoSee

The De Tomaso Mangusta was a sports car made by Italian manufacturer De Tomaso. On Wikipedia, we read about the car which was already a legend in its own time: “The chassis itself is a must-see with its two-section hood which opened similar to gull-wing doors. Built with lots of attention to detail and wonderful workmanship, the Mangusta had the potential of becoming a sensation at the time. But the version which was marketed became nearly uncontrollable in wet driving conditions and unpleasantly light in the front at high speeds. In its four years of production, only 400 Mangustas were built.”

TORSTEN KLINKOW had the pleasure of photographing one of these rare vehicles, for which he was supported by Impossible Films and Trey Digital Studio. Carmaker DE TOMASO produced racing and street sports cars in Modena, Italy, and was founded by Argentine native, Alejandro de Tomaso. After filing for bankruptcy in 2012, rights to the name De Tomaso have been owned by a Chinese investor since...

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